NFL Weather Report For Week 9: Roof, New Field Factors For Chiefs And Dolphins In Germany?

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Written By Mo Nuwwarah | Last Updated
NFL Weather week 9

Each week, the NFL weather reports loom as potential game-changers. Ignore it at your detriment, as it can help you find a winning bet or avoid a losing one. Particularly with the calendar now hitting November, cold, wind and snow could affect outdoor games in most parts of the country. NFL Week 9 odds feature roof and field surface factors for the expected offensive showcase between the Dolphins and Chiefs in Germany.

Week 8 saw the Jags and Steelers manage just 30 points in miserable rain, while the offenses fell to pieces in Chiefs at Broncos as well, though likely more due to their accords than the conditions.

Keep in mind these forecasts are always subject to change. Monitor potentially impactful situations as the week progresses to see how forecasts evolve.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Miami Dolphins

They are two of the highest-flying offenses (at times, anyway), and the total sits at a “mere” 51 rather than the 54 we’d expect between these sorts of teams. What gives?

Possibly, the weather. Frankfurt Stadium has a retractable roof; therefore, it’s highly likely it will be closed if there is precipitation in the forecast to preserve the fan experience.

However, if somehow it’s open, the forecast calls for medium-strength winds with consistent rains. The Chiefs have had trouble catching the ball at times, and Tua Tagovailoa has subpar arm strength by NFL QB standards. Defenses in this game should have a fighting chance if playing in any type of conditions.

Also of note here, even if the roof is closed, is the field surface. The NFL is installing a hybrid field. That comes a year after players complained about the natural grass in Munich. The goal here is obviously improved traction, but with a brand new field installed last week, this is something bettors should be watching for early in the game as well.

NFL Weather: 54 F, 80% chance of precipitation, winds 10 to 20 mph

L.A. Rams at Green Bay Packers

This is merely one to monitor, as the current weather conditions look fine in Green Bay. Just be aware the evening forecast calls for a 50% of rain. If that rain instead moves in ahead of expectation, then this game could involve slick conditions between offenses very much expected to be hurting. In Green Bay’s case, they have just plain stunk, while Rams QB Matt Stafford is nursing a thumb injury.

NFL Weather: 46 F, 24% chance of precipitation, winds 5 to 10 mph

Arizona Cardinals at Cleveland Browns

As a rule of thumb, you can pretty much count on bad weather in Browns home games this time of year. By Cleveland standards, some rain and winds of about 14 mph are actually fairly tame. But, the fact remains that these sorts of conditions should hinder these offenses, particularly with two QBs not known for their strong arms involved.

Sharps may have head-faked this one, moving the number from 39 to 40 at DraftKings Sportsbook before it plunged back to 38.5 Monday afternoon.

NFL Weather: 55 F, 36% chance of precipitation, 10 to 20 mph winds

Dallas Cowboys At Philadelphia Eagles

Put this one on the “watch” rather than “react” list as well. Currently, winds of about 10 mph are in the forecast on what should be an otherwise nice, partly cloudy day in Philly. Just make sure the winds don’t kick up any higher than that once game day rolls around.

NFL Weather: 65 F, 15% chance of precipitation, winds 10 to 15 mph

L.A. Chargers At New York Jets

Wind is probably the most critical weather factor to track, and in that sense, the teams should see calm. However, it looks like it may rain here. Bad conditions should favor the Jets since they’re looking to play ugly, low-scoring football while pounding the rock with Breece Hall and playing defense.

NFL Weather: 45 F, 30% chance of precipitation, winds light and variable