NFL Weather Report For Week 7: Will Wind Slow Thriving Lions Offense?

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Written By Mo Nuwwarah | Last Updated
NFL Week 7 weather

Each week, the NFL weather reports loom as potential game-changers. Ignore it at your detriment, as it can help you find a winning bet or avoid a losing one. NFL Week 7 odds feature weather that isn’t too crazy, but some reasonably strong winds could impact totals on the East Coast.

Week 6 saw a slew of low-scoring contests, with windy and rainy conditions dragging down offenses. In fact, nearly every game went under, illustrating the need to continually evaluate conditions that may significantly affect game states.

Keep in mind these forecasts are always subject to change. Monitor potentially impactful situations as the week progresses to see how forecasts evolve.

Washington Commanders At New York Giants

There’s an open question of who will start at quarterback here for New York. But whoever takes the snaps will likely look at windy conditions ahead of this divisional battle. The chance of rain looks low, at least, but one bad offense and one fitful one in pretty strong winds could lead to a very low-scoring game.

Tyrod Taylor, if he plays, may be more affected than Daniel Jones as he looked a bit more willing and able to take shots downfield.

The total in this one has already been bet down from 40.5 on reopen to 39.5 at DraftKings Sportsbook.

NFL Weather: 58 F, 17% chance of precipitation, winds 10 to 20 mph

Detroit Lions At Baltimore Ravens

High-ish winds around 16 mph are present in the Sunday forecast for Baltimore. Detroit’s Jared Goff has notoriously lost a ton of his effectiveness playing outdoors on the road, away from the friendly dome he now calls home. And while the Lions have run the ball effectively, they just lost David Montgomery to injury.

Sharps slammed this under immediately, driving the number from 44.5 to 41.5. It has since bounced back up a tad.

NFL Weather: 64 F, 3% chance of precipitation, 10 to 20 mph winds

Buffalo Bills At New England Patriots

Two offenses not performing at their best meet up here and could face multi-faceted bad weather. Not only does Foxborough also figure to see winds around 14 mph, but rain could factor in as well.

NFL Weather: 59 F, 31% chance of precipitation, winds 10 to 20 mph

Las Vegas Raiders At Chicago Bears

For now, this forecast looks fine. However, it’s one bettors will want to track, particularly with two backup QBs potentially seeing action here. As long as the winds remain on the low end of the forecast, we probably won’t see anything too disastrous here. But if they kick up at all, this could become a race to 17 points.

NFL Weather: 55 F, 5% chance of precipitation, winds 10 to 15 mph

Arizona Cardinals At Seattle Seahawks

Like the prior game, this is more one to monitor than one that calls for an immediate handicapping or betting reaction. Arizona at Seattle has a 4:05 ET scheduled start time. Seattle is forecast to get some rain, but it’s supposed to hit in the morning. As long as that remains the case, this game likely won’t become impacted. Good conditions should help the Seattle offense feast on a dreadful Arizona D.

NFL Weather: 58 F, 50% chance of precipitation, winds about 5 mph

Miami Dolphins At Philadelphia Eagles

Two offenses that have been laying waste through the air will meet up in Philly. Again, as long as the winds stay on the lower side of this forecast, we might not see a ton of impact. However, both teams notably do a lot of damage throwing the ball downfield, on exactly the sorts of throws most affected by the winds. Some, even around 10 mph, could alter a few deep throws, and it only takes one or two deep misses to change the course of a game’s total.

NFL Weather: 40 F, 2% chance of precipitation, winds 10 to 15 mph