NFL Weather Report For Week 18: Snow Game In New England

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Written By Mo Nuwwarah | Last Updated
NFL Week 18 weather forecasts

Each week, the NFL weather reports loom as potential game-changers. Ignore them to your detriment, as they can help you find a winning bet or avoid losing one. Particularly with the calendar now hitting January, cold, wind, and snow could affect outdoor games in most parts of the country. NFL Week 18 odds have some rain and wind in the forecasts, but the most notable comes in the Patriots vs. Jets game. Sunday afternoon in Foxborough should bring some snowy conditions.

Week 17’s forecasts featured mostly clear skies, although we did see wind and snow in Chicago. That made for some startling visuals, but offenses prevailed in that game as it flew over the closing total of around 38 with ease.

Keep in mind these forecasts are always subject to change. Monitor potentially impactful situations as the week progresses to see how forecasts evolve. Check back here on Sunday morning for updated forecasts on each of the remaining games.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

When people think of winter weather affecting games, this forecast is about what probably comes to mind. Some decent winds plus a chance of rain/snow in excess of 90% both in the day and night forecasts. The only question is whether the temps will drop enough to keep the precipitation more solid.

The total has steadily dropped on DraftKings Sportsbook from 38 to 37. Expect a grinder between Baltimore’s backups and a Steelers team fighting for its playoff life.

NFL Weather: 41 F, 92% chance of precipitation, winds 10 to 15 mph

Saturday Morning Update: 37 F, 100% chance of precipitation, winds 13 mph

Cleveland Browns At Cincinnati Bengals

It looks like there should be some snow in the morning here, but it may clear up by game time. The Browns and Bengals are obviously used to playing in less-than-ideal weather, but things shouldn’t be too bad. Saturday’s forecast does have a 76% chance of snow with 1-3 inches en route. If that system were to hit Sunday instead, this outlook would likely worsen.

In any case, the Bengals are playing out the string while the Browns look locked into the No. 5 seed. That probably affects Week 18 steam more than anything here, but action has come in on the under, from 40 to 38.5.

NFL Weather: 40 F, 46% chance of precipitation, winds 5 to 10 mph

Sunday Morning Update: TBD

Jacksonville Jaguars At Tennessee Titans

Like the game in Cincinnati, this features a potentially impactful forecast on Saturday with a 90% chance of rain. If that clears out by the time Sunday rolls around, this looks like a possibly favorable situation for offense, a nice day with light winds. If the precipitation hits Sunday instead, two struggling offenses could struggle even more.

NFL Weather: 50 F, 16% chance of precipitation, winds 5 to 10 mph

Sunday Morning Update: TBD

New York Jets at New England Patriots

Oh, baby. A winter football dandy befitting these two dreadful offenses. Wind, snow and cold. This one checks all the boxes. Add in the possibility of Trevor Siemian and Bailey Zappe as the starting quarterbacks and the passing games could be less productive than your average American worker between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The market has hit the under with comical force. An opening number of 37 on DraftKings Sportsbooks has plunged all the way to 30.5 in fewer than two days.

We already saw one of the lowest totals in decades when the Patriots and Steelers played, but this one could limbo under even that by close.

NFL Weather: 35 F, 85% chance of precipitation, winds 10 to 20 mph

Sunday Morning Update: TBD

Philadelphia Eagles At New York Giants

This game takes place in the afternoon window. So, with “snow showers” scheduled for the morning, it might not see much in the way of precipitation. However, there’s still a 36% chance of evening snow. And the winds could play a role too if they wind up on the high end of the expected range.

The total has received a ton of action here, mainly on the under. An opening 46 number bottomed out at 41 before inching back up to 41.5.

NFL Weather: 38 F, 36% chance of precipitation, winds 10 to 15 mph

Sunday Morning Update: TBD

Dallas Cowboys At Washington Commanders

Saturday rain is the main concern here again. Naturally, the same storm system expected to dump on the Ravens game could affect this game instead if the timing gets pushed back. A Cowboys offense that has taken a noticeable dive outside of friendly indoor home confines may lose some of its steam, although Washington’s defense certainly offers one of the softest landing spots in the league.

NFL Weather: 45 F, 12% chance of precipitation, winds 10 to 15 mph

Sunday Morning Update: TBD

Buffalo Bills At Miami Dolphins

Scattered thunderstorms are expected in the Miami area on Sunday evening, just in time for this battle for the AFC East. Since the wind looks minimal and the temperature will still be pleasant, the offenses shouldn’t feel too much pinch. Still, a wet football can do funny things, so look out for some possible effects if the skies do open.

NFL Weather: 68 F, 53% chance of precipitation, winds 5 to 10 mph

Sunday Morning Update: TBD

Other NFL Weather Forecasts for Outdoor Games

  • Buccaneers at Panthers: 54 F, 8% chance of precipitation, winds 5 to 10 mph
  • Rams at 49ers: 58 F, 6% chance of precipitation, winds 10 to 15 mph
  • Bears at Packers: 36 F, 17% chance of precipitation, winds 5 to 10 mph