NFL Weather Report For Week 13: Rain-Soaked Forecasts

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Written By Mo Nuwwarah | Last Updated
NFL Week 13 weather report

Each week, the NFL weather reports loom as potential game-changers. Ignore them to your detriment, as they can help you find a winning bet or avoid losing one. Particularly with the calendar now hitting December, cold, wind and snow could affect outdoor games in most parts of the country. Bettors grappling with NFL Week 13 odds will be looking at a ton of rainy weather.

Week 12 had a dome-filled slate, but fans and bettors wound up witnessing a downpour in one of the games of the week. The Eagles and Bills had no trouble with the monsoon — one we highlighted in the early forecast — en route to more than 70 combined points.

Keep in mind these forecasts are always subject to change. Monitor potentially impactful situations as the week progresses to see how forecasts evolve.

Arizona Cardinals At Pittsburgh Steelers

Fifty-four with light winds represents downright pleasant December weather in the Northeast. But we could see yet another Pittsburgh game with ugly weather, thanks to forecasted rains. It seems no week in this column is complete without a mention of a Steelers game, road, and home alike.

The total here opened quite low already and thus hasn’t seen any under action. Given the potential improvements to the Steelers’ offense sans Matt Canada and the at least somewhat rejuvenated Cardinals’ situation with Kyler Murray, it’s hard to imagine that number going much lower.

NFL Weather: 54 F, 39% chance of precipitation, winds 5 to 10 mph

Sunday Morning Update: 55 F, 7% chance of precipitation, winds 7 mph

Atlanta Falcons At New York Jets

A similar forecast to that of Pittsburgh. Rain, but little wind or cold — unusual for this time of year in that region.

Neither of these teams gets much out of their passing games, particularly with Tim Boyle now in the equation for New York. Thus, expect a heavy dose of run from both sides. Atlanta especially ranks last in the league in Pass Rate Over Expectation (PROE) and finally leaned into Bijan Robinson last week, to good results.

The total has received steady under action in response. At DraftKings Sportsbook, the number has already moved from 35.5 to 34.

NFL Weather: 48 F, 48% chance of precipitation, winds 5 to 10 mph

Sunday Morning Update: 46 F, 52% chance of precipitation, winds 7 mph

Indianapolis Colts At Tennessee Titans

The theme of “pleasant temps but precipitation” continues here. Yet again, the chance of rain climbs even higher, as does the temperature, no surprise when comparing Tennessee to the Northeast.

Again, this game pairs two of the more run-happy teams. Tennessee has a -3% PROE while the Colts sit even lower at -3.5%, per SumerSports. Expect a grind here, especially if things get sloppy.

NFL Weather: 65 F, 55% chance of precipitation, winds 5 to 10 mph

Sunday Morning Update: 54 F, 1% chance of precipitation, winds 11 mph

LA Chargers At New England Patriots

Currently, there’s nothing to bring about any concern in this one, as it’s forecast to see clean, if cloudy, conditions. However, it’s worth noting that the evening forecast includes nearly a 60% chance of rain.

Therefore, this is one to revisit closer to game time. If the rain moves up into the daytime window, then bad conditions could hit, further limiting an already dreadful New England offense that can’t even settle on a QB.

NFL Weather: 47 F, 24% chance of precipitation, winds 5 to 10 mph

Sunday Morning Update: 41 F, 97% chance of precipitation, winds 8 mph

Miami Dolphins At Washington Commanders

Yeah, it’s probably going to be a rain-filled week of NFL action. Washington is yet another locale forecast to receive showers but otherwise solid weather on Sunday, making for an especially interesting case considering the passing offenses involved. If the weather doesn’t prove much of a concern, bettors could get a discount on the total here in a game featuring quarterbacks who have amassed piles of yardage and touchdowns and a Washington defense that can’t stop anyone.

NFL Weather: 53 F, 58% chance of precipitation, winds 5 to 10 mph

Sunday Morning Update: 56 F, 15% chance of precipitation, winds 3 mph

Carolina Panthers At Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This game is much like the Chargers at Patriots. Currently, the forecast looks clear. However, the evening forecast includes a 50% chance of rain via “overnight thunderstorms.” We’ll have to check back closer to kickoff and see if there’s any movement in the weather systems, particularly with this game strangely scheduled for the afternoon window.

NFL Weather: 83 F, 22% chance of precipitation, winds 5 to 10 mph

Sunday Morning Update: 84 F, 5% chance of precipitation, winds 7 mph

San Francisco 49ers At Philadelphia Eagles

There is more East Coast rain. With showers forecast for both day and evening, this afternoon kickoff seems very likely to see rain.

We all saw the fireworks show that developed in the downpour between the Bills and Eagles. This game could develop in a similar fashion, with both offenses outperforming their respective (and respected) defenses to this point of the season. Unsurprisingly, the weather hasn’t deterred over money, with the total moving from 46 upon reopening 47 at DraftKings Sportsbook.

NFL Weather: 52 F, 58% chance of precipitation, winds 5 to 10 mph

Sunday Morning Update: 51 F, 6% chance of precipitation, winds 5 mph

Kansas City Chiefs At Green Bay Packers

At long last, some December snow, at least potentially. With the weather forecast right around freezing, any upward temperature movement could mean yet more rain. However, this is Green Bay in December, so if anything, we should expect the temps to quickly drop as evening gets later. If any semi-serious wind were involved, this could have been an under bettor’s paradise.

However, the number is already quite low. And the Green Bay offense has picked up steam of late.

NFL Weather: 30 F, 56% chance of precipitation, winds light and variable

Sunday Morning Update: 24 F, 11% chance of precipitation, winds 8 mph

Cincinnati Bengals At Jacksonville Jaguars

More rain on the East Coast, this time further south. Jacksonville should see some showers as well, especially with the day forecast also calling for rain. Unlike many of these games, note that this one actually includes wind at 10 mph, though that’s still a bit below where bettors should usually start to expect significant effects.

After seeing how little Jake Browning produced against the Steelers, the market reopened the total two points lower than the look-ahead number. Add in the weather dragging this down further, and bettors are looking at another very low number already.

NFL Weather: 56 F, 56% chance of precipitation, winds 5 to 10 mph

Sunday Morning Update: 64 F, 1% chance of precipitation, winds 5 mph