NFL Weather Report For Conference Championships: Possible Wind, Rain In Baltimore

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Written By Mo Nuwwarah | Last Updated
NFL weather conference championships

Each week, the NFL weather reports loom as potential game-changers. Ignore them to your detriment, as they can help you find a winning bet or avoid losing one. Particularly with the calendar now hitting January, cold, wind and snow could affect outdoor games in most parts of the country. NFL playoff odds for the conference championships feature two outdoor games, the way January football is meant to be played. The elevator version of conference championship weather: dreamy for the offenses out West, but rain and wind could affect the AFC game.

As expected in the divisional round, the only inclement weather came up in San Francisco, where a driving rain affected the teams at times. The game did wind up going under with some room to spare.

Keep in mind these forecasts are always subject to change. Monitor potentially impactful situations as the week progresses to see how forecasts evolve. Check back here on Sunday morning for updated forecasts on each of the remaining games.

Kansas City Chiefs At Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore has hosted a few rainy games this year, and this one looks like it could land in that bucket. The evening forecast also features a 50% chance of rain. With this game scheduled for the afternoon East Coast time, there won’t be much clearance unless the forecast changes. It’s worth noting the days leading up also feature rain, which quickly peters out in the days following. Therefore, if that system moves in more quickly than expected, this game might occur in clear conditions.

Any poor conditions would benefit the Ravens, especially given the Chiefs’ difficulties catching the ball sometimes. Everyone showed up with their hands against Buffalo, but that game had good conditions for offense, temperature aside.

The under took a slight amount of early money at DraftKings Sportsbook, dipping the total from 45 to 44.5.

NFL Weather: 49 F, 60% chance of precipitation, winds 10 to 15 mph

Sunday Morning Update: TBD

Detroit Lions At San Francisco 49ers

Looks like the conditions for offense couldn’t be more perfect. Stretching into the evening (another afternoon start local time), the temps will drop to the 50s, but everything should remain clear in terms of wind and rain.

That should benefit the Lions quite a bit, as Jared Goff has been famously poor in adverse weather conditions. Lions backers would do well to ensure he doesn’t run into any, but things look promising.

NFL Weather: 72 F, 7% chance of precipitation, winds light and variable

Sunday Morning Update: TBD