2021 NFL Survivor Pools: DraftKings Millionaire Offers Guaranteed $1M Prize

Written By Brett Gibbons on August 19, 2021
NFL survivor pools

2021 NFL survivor pools are one of the most popular contests every year for diehard sports bettors and casual NFL fans alike. They present a challenging and exciting week-to-week knockout competition that can have some serious payouts.

If tense strategic games sounds like a good time to you, read on.

Below, we’ll lay out where you can find both free-to-enter and paid entry contests for the 2021 NFL season.

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Claim Your $1,050 Bonus at DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings $1M Pro Football Millionaire Survivor

This year, DraftKings is offering a guaranteed $1 million to its survivor contest winner. The entry fee is $333, with a max of three entries per user.

If DK gets more than 3,003 entries, the prize pool will grow as more users enter the contest. The contest starts Week 1 (Sunday, Sept. 12 at 1:00p ET).

How to sign up for DraftKings Millionaire Survivor Pool

If navigating through the DK Sportsbook app or website, you can find survivor pool under the “Pools” tab, near the top of the homepage after you log in.

You’ll then be able to find the DraftKings Millionaire Survivor Pool in the Pools lobby.

Other Sportsbook Survivor Contests

In past years, FanDuel and BetMGM have offered NFL survivor contests. The best part about these major contests is that there’s no entry fee. All players may play free with the possibility of ridiculous payouts and/or prizes.

Keep an eye out on our Survivor Contests page as NFL season approaches for more details on 2021 NFL survivor pools.

Non-Sportsbook Free 2021 NFL Survivor Pools

  • ESPN’s Eliminator Challenge: $7,000 in prizes and free to play. ESPN allows up to five entries per player. It’s a winner-take-all challenge where if there’s a tie, the winnings are divided amongst the tied participants. Find the Eliminator Challenge at ESPN.com’s fantasy home page.
  • NFL Survivor: NFL.com hosts a free-to-play survivor pool annually that doesn’t offer prizes. However, it is another option for where to host a local or at-home survivor pool.

Best survivor pool practices

Successful survivor players don’t just blindly pick teams each week. There’s delicate strategy in place that greatly increase the odds that a prepared player will win. Of course, that doesn’t eliminate bad beats and the luck factor, but it minimizes it.

Check out our Survivor Pools page for more survivor contest strategies.

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