NFL Sportsbook Rules: Does Canceled Game Void Futures, Win Totals?

Written By Mo Nuwwarah on January 6, 2023
NFL sportsbook rules

As the NFL breathes a collective sigh of relief that Bills S Damar Hamlin is on the road to recovery, attention late in the week has turned, in part, to how the league plans to respond to what a canceled game. TheLines has already posted what NFL sportsbook rules say about bets on the Bengals vs. Bills game. In most cases, sportsbooks have voided bets while paying out props like Tyler Boyd first TD that were locked in.

Since that game won’t play to conclusion, some futures bets are now be in limbo, even though the Bengals and Bills have both already gone Over some win totals or clinched the division. Let’s take a look at what select operators’ NFL sportsbook house rules say about these cases. In some cases, the rules may not completely spell out how a specific instance will be governed. Contact your sportsbook in such cases for clarity.

House Sportsbook Rules, NFL Futures And Regular Season Wins

DraftKings Sportsbook

The changes to the playoffs — we may see a neutral site AFC Championship — won’t affect futures wagers.

If the league/governing body officially declares a winner for the relevant season on the specified market, bets are action, regardless of season length, team relocation, team name change, playoff format, etc.

Win totals could be affected, depending on the exact wager.

Team(s) listed on the wager must complete all scheduled regular season games (using schedule from Week 1 of regular season) for bets to have action unless remaining games during season would not affect the result. In the event of a venue change for a game(s), bets will stand.

Since the Bills already have 12 wins and the Bengals 11, each has gone past their “standard” win total of 11.5 and 10, respectively. That means the Overs have cashed for those bettors, but alternate lines were also available. In the case of a wager on something like Under 13.5 on the Bills, these bets will void because they won’t play 17 games.

Additionally, both teams already won their divisions, so those bets have paid out.

FanDuel Sportsbook

Where a season or tournament is unexpectedly shortened all futures markets/bets will be settled in accordance with the official ruling of the relevant governing body after the postponement…

Again, since both teams have been declared by the league winners of their respective divisions, those pay out.

…unless the outcome has unequivocally been determined prior to the interruption of the season – example Team A were prior to the postponement unable to win more than x regular season games, bets on Over x games will be settled as a loser and bets on Under x wins settled as winners

For bets to stand, the number of games deemed to be officially resulted must equal the number of games scheduled when the season begins, unless the outcome has already been unequivocally determined.

Once again, alternate lines may be affected by this. Be sure that any alternate win total wagers you made get graded appropriately.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook won’t change anything regarding futures.

a. All futures bets placed will be action regardless of any playoff structural changes the leagues deem necessary

However, when it comes to regular season wins bets, the rules here state everything will void.

1. For regular season win totals, team must play all scheduled games for action, unless otherwise stated.

BetMGM Sportsbook

Futures such as divisional champ and Super Bowl bets on BetMGM won’t be affected by the change in playoff format or the lost game.

For all season-long match bets and division betting, all bets stand regardless of team re-location, or a change to a team name, season length or playoff format.

However, bets on regular season wins, exact division finishing position, No. 1 seed and “team season specials” (total yards gained, total TDs, etc) all contain the following clause:

Team must play all regular season games for the wager to have action.

Be sure these bets get graded appropriately based on BetMGM’s NFL sportsbook rules.

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