How Much Will It Cost You To Watch Every 2024-25 NFL Regular Season Game?

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Streaming wars have taken over the NFL. On Wednesday, just before the NFL schedule release, Netflix announced a partnership to stream the Chiefs vs. Steelers and Texans vs. Ravens on Christmas Day, the streaming giant’s first foray into major live sports. So, besides Amazon Prime for Thursday Night Football, Peacock for at least one Wild Card Game, and NFL Sunday Ticket for out-of-market teams, add Netflix to the fold.

According to initial estimates, watching every NFL game this season would cost about $850. Now, that total has been bumped up to around $866. Let’s break down why.

Cost To Watch Every 2024-25 NFL Game: The Basics

Let’s assume we’re speaking to cable cutters here. The most popular live TV cable alternatives are YouTube TV, Fubo, and Hulu Live TV. Generally, basic packages range from $73-80 per month. For this exercise, we’ll start with YouTube TV’s basic $73 monthly package. With that, you can access all games broadcast in your region on CBS and FOX, plus Sunday Night Football on NBC and Monday Night Football on ESPN.

But the key word there is region. If you live in Cleveland and the Browns play at 1:00 p.m. ET on CBS, you’re missing the concurrent Texans game broadcast in Houston. So, YouTube TV only guarantees 108 regular season games (76 regional + 32 national games).

That’s where users are likely to lean into NFL Sunday Ticket. YouTube TV offers a deal where users can get the product for $239 per year, should they pay in full upfront. But after a specific deadline, that price increases by $100.

So, if you only paid for YouTube TV for the five months the NFL runs (not including preseason), that’s $365, minus taxes and fees. But this year’s Super Bowl is broadcast on FOX and likely not streamed – at least, not that we know of yet – so add another month to that, and we come away with $438 for access to CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN.

  • Running cost to watch every 2024-25 NFL game: $677

The Streaming Services

The near-universal reaction to the NFL and other games creeping onto an increasing number of streaming services is adverse. But live sports have a stranglehold on the American entertainment market (and the services know that), so we universally complain and begrudgingly sign up anyway.

This year, NFL games will be streamed on Amazon Prime (Thursday Night Football), Peacock (Sunday Night Football + at least one Playoff game), and Netflix (Christmas Day) via its new partnership agreement.

Let’s do the bare minimum with these. The running joke is that users sign up just for one game and then cancel their subscription. While it is true that Peacock saw a significant boost in subscribers ahead of last year’s Chiefs vs. Dolphins Wild Card game, a study found 71% of new signups remained subscribers. But for this exercise, let’s say you’re in the other 29%.

Amazon Prime costs $15 per month and is needed for all five months for TNF. Peacock and Netflix, we can theoretically get away with just one month of each since our YouTube TV subscription covers SNF. Streaming services will add at least $96.50 to your season cost this season.

  • Total cost to watch every 2024-25 NFL game: $773.50

The Catch

That $773.50 number was pulled using several cost-saving measures and conditions. Plenty of users prefer Fubo TV, which starts at $80 per month. I personally add the $15 per month sports package to YouTube TV to have access to NFL RedZone weekly. Netflix offers premium subscriptions, so if you want to watch its Christmas Day game in Ultra HD, that’ll cost you nearly $23 per month, not $15.50.

And all these numbers are without taxes and fees. The initial $866 estimate is likely closer to your final out-of-pocket expense if you don’t retain Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Peacock.

But, as the previous study suggests, you’re statistically likely to.

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Cost To Watch Every NFL Game: The Rundown

  • YouTube TV basic package: $73/month ($438 total)
  • NFL Sunday Ticket: $239/year
  • Amazon Prime Video: $15/month ($75 total)
  • Peacock Premium subscription: $6/month ($6 total)
  • Netflix standard subscription: $15.50/month ($15.50 total)
  • Est. taxes and fees: $92.50
  • Grand total to watch every NFL game this season: $866