NFL Offensive Player of the Year Odds: Should Christian McCaffrey Be The Favorite?

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Written By Derek Wagner | Last Updated
nfl offensive player of the year odds

NFL MVP odds showcase 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy as the favorite, and NFL Offensive Player of the Year odds showcase San Francisco running back Christian McCaffrey as the most likely to win. A quarterback and running back from the same team have not split MVP and OPOY since the “Greatest Show on Turf” St. Louis Rams, when Kurt Warner won MVP and Marshall Faulk won OPOY in 1999 and 2001. Let’s dive into the odds and see if it’s time to bet or add more to Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill for OPOY odds at the best sports betting sites.

2023 NFL Offensive Player of the Year odds

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Christian McCaffrey OPOY Odds:

While McCaffrey is having a sensational season in San Francisco, I’m skeptical that he will win this award. The MVP odds are telling us that Brock Purdy is the likely winner, with the best price sitting at .

If he wins, will the voters double dip and give the 49ers another award and put the 2023 49ers in the same category as the Greatest Show on Turf? In 1999, Faulk notched 1,381 rushing yards while tallying 1,048 receiving yards. In 2001, Faulk again eclipsed more than 2,100 scrimmage yards. McCaffrey is on the verge of 1,300 rushing yards but will fall well short of 1,000 receiving yards, as he’s only sitting at 509 before their Christmas showdown with the Ravens.

The MVP chants for CMC are admirable, but they’re not happening. OPOY may not happen, either. This week could likely be the Niners’ final primetime game. He’s also not breaking any records this season.

LaDainian Tomlinson holds the touchdown record for a running back. The Chargers running back tallied 31 total touchdowns in 2006, a record that hasn’t been threatened since. McCaffrey only sits at 20 right now, and given the other weapons on the team, it’s simply unlikely he gets close to the record.

There’s no record that CMC is even close to breaking, something voters of this award have gravitated towards in the past. Because of this, there won’t be much buzz in the final week for CMC.

Enter Tyreek Hill.

Tyreek Hill OPOY Odds:

I think the only thing that will prevent Hill from winning OPOY is his ankle injury. The Cheetah suffered an ankle injury in Week 14 against the Titans, forcing him to play a season-low 47% of the offensive snaps. He went through pregame warmups against the Jets in Week 15 but was eventually ruled out.

Hill needs 458 receiving yards the rest of the way to get 2,000. That means he would need to average 152 yards per game over the final three weeks. Calvin Johnson’s record is more within reach, as he only needs 423 over the last three games to top it. He already had a three-week span where he went over this number, from Week 5 to Week 7, when he notched 432 receiving yards against the Giants, Panthers, and Eagles.

His matchup this weekend is quite favorable if he can get lined up across Cowboys CB DaRon Bland for a few plays. Bland was burned for more than 130 receiving yards by Seahawks receivers in Week 13, so Hill truly has a chance to pop if the ankle is okay.

Even if Hill falls short of Calvin’s single-season record, he’s likely to get the votes for this. Remember, in 2021, Cooper Kupp tallied 1,947 receiving yards and missed the record by 17 yards. He still won OPOY. He did lead the NFL in yards, receptions, and touchdowns that year, though. He was five receptions shy of Micael Thomas’s (the slant king’s) record of 149 receptions in a season.


The final thought I’ll leave is this. If the Dolphins lose the next two games to the Cowboys and Ravens, a scenario can unfold where their Week 18 game against Buffalo is for the AFC East division. If that is the case, the NFL likely puts that game into primetime. This is where I go back to something Doug Kezirian said on the Week 14 Beat The Closing Number podcast with Eli and Mo:

“Primetime matters more than people realize.”

If this situation plays out and Hill is on primetime in Week 18 trying to beat Calvin’s record, I struggle to see how CMC would win OPOY. Primetime matters, especially in Week 18.

Nevertheless, bettors would be prudent to make sure Tyreek Hill is playing in Week 16 before considering a bet on him.

Best of luck betting NFL Offensive Player of the Year Odds!


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