NFL MNF Player Props, Anytime Touchdown Odds, and SGP Promos: Rams at Bengals

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Week 3 NFL ends with a bang, with these Monday Night Football odds in flux all week. The surprisingly frisky Los Angeles Rams are heading to Cincinnati to face the Bengals, who are once again on the precipice of a September disaster. That’s the backdrop under which MNF player props same game parlay markets sit. The spread sits at Bengals with the Rams on the moneyline to win the game.

Monday Night Football SGP Prop markets can be exploitable if you know what you’re doing. Before betting anything, however, make sure to check out the best sports betting sites. Getting the best number, or the best price on a number, can make all the difference.

WEEK 3 MNF PLAYER PROPS: Rams at Bengals

Toggle between MNF player props in the table below to find the best available odds, including for anytime touchdown (ATTD) odds.

Rams Bengals Monday Night Football SGP Prop Strategy

Betting SGPs, and even multiple non-parlayed props across one game, can be immensely profitable. The key to that, however, is correlation. By correlating props, you decrease the number of things that have to go right and increase your chances of cashing a bet if you hit the right game script.

In this case, figuring out what the Bengals’ offense will look like will be key. In Week 1, the Bengals were 31st in the league by EPA, which jumped to 21st in Week 2. More importantly, they went from dead last in Success Rate to 13th last week. If the Bengals play more like last week, against their weakest defense of the year, then they’re going to win. And that’s where any Monday Night Football SGP Prop ticket starts.

Monday Night Football SGP Prop Picks

Bengals Moneyline ()

There is, quite literally, no analytical case for the Bengals having been the better team so far this season. The Rams have been wildly impressive so far, 10th in Offensive EPA when half the sample is against the Niners. The Bengals are currently in the bottom 10 in both Offensive and Defensive EPA. The Rams have played better so far this season. And I couldn’t care less.

Fundamentally, the Bengals are a wildly better team than the Rams and there’s no reason to think that’s changed. Toss Week 1 out of the way and the Bengals offense is roughly equivalent to the Rams. The Bengals have played two top-six defenses so far. And they have Joe Burrow, whose calf is hopefully healthy enough to perform.

The Bengals are too good to start 0-3. It feels uncomfortable being this reductive about football, but this is my belief.

Puka Nacua Over Receiving Yards ()

Until Cooper Kupp’s back, Nacua’s clearly going to eat targets. A slate breaker in Week 2, Nacua surpassed 100 yards and 10 catches in both games. And until they price him like a number one receiver, which he clearly is until Kupp returns, he’s a value.

There will be concerns about sustainability, especially for a WR who went on Day 3 in the draft. That concern is unfounded, given the paucity of other receiving talent on the roster. Throw in the fact that the Bengals, favorites if Burrow plays, should be ahead, and Nacua becomes essential.

If the Rams get behind, their best and only chance of getting out of the hole will be Nacua. Matt Stafford is clearly enamored with giving him looks.

Jamarr Chase Over Receiving Yards

The Bengals wideout has still been getting targeted, they just haven’t gone for much. 17 targets and 10 catches through 10 games isn’t wildly under expectation. That said, the fact that these targets have only been worth 70 yards is. That said, if we assume the Bengals offense will be better against the Rams, that starts with Chase.

The former LSU teammates getting their connection back on track is a likely outcome. Chase always has game-breaking potential, and can easily exceed this number in a play if he gets the ball in space.

Chase is the likeliest beneficiary of a continued uptick offensively for the Bengals. For this SGP, it has to be here.

Sean McVay To Kick A Field Goal For No Reason

I mean, we have precedent, after he decided to kick a spread-covering FG as time expired against San Francisco last week. In reality, though …

Brett Maher Over Total Points ()

McVay is one of the more conservative playcallers in the league on fourth downs. The Rams are averaging four FG attempts a game so far this season, which makes Maher’s over a value. Kicker props can be obscure, but they’re also bet less, leaving them potentially soft.

In this case, Maher’s a value given his price is that of a league average kicker, not one whose coach is addicted to taking the points. Best of luck navigating MNF player props!

Monday Night Football SGP Promos

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