Opening NFL Lines For Every Game Of The 2021 Season

Written By Juan Carlos Blanco on October 1, 2021

Select sportsbooks have rolled out “first-look” lines for each game over all 18 weeks. It’s worth noting that bets on these early lines have limits in contrast to those in the regular season. This is due to the amount of risk at play for sportsbooks, considering how far in advance these odds are set. Specific game lines naturally could undergo significant shifts over the coming months depending on a multitude of factors such as key injuries and teams exceeding expectations or underachieving relative to preseason expectations.

With the first 18-week campaign in NFL history on tap, let’s take a week-by-week look at some of the most noteworthy contests and pro football betting angles that await in the coming season.

Week 1

Game lines for Weeks 1-17 are provided by BetMGM.

Game MatchupLine
Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay BuccaneersBuccaneers -7.5
Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo BillsBills -6.5
Arizona Cardinals at Tennessee TitansTitans-3
Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati BengalsVikings -3.5
Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta FalconsFalcons -3.5
Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston TexansJaguars -3
New York Jets at Carolina PanthersPanthers -4.5
LA Chargers at Washington Chargers -1
San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions49ers -7.5
Seattle Seahawks at Indianapolis ColtsSeahawks -3
Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots Patriots -3
Green Bay Packers at New Orleans SaintsSaints -3
Denver Broncos at New York GiantsBroncos -2.5
Cleveland Browns at Kansas City ChiefsChiefs -6
Chicago Bears at LA RamsRams -7.5
Baltimore Ravens at Las Vegas RaidersRavens -4.5

It would be difficult to imagine a more sensational start to the season than a Cowboys versus Buccaneers matchup on Opening Night that should feature a returning Dak Prescott doing battle with Tom Brady. The Sunday portion of the slate also features spectacular Steelers-Bills, Seahawks-Colts and Browns-Chiefs battles. Meanwhile, storylines abound in a Jets-Panthers matchup that will see the recently-traded Sam Darnold face his old squad, a Jaguars-Texans clash that will mark the regular season NFL debuts of Urban Meyer, Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne, and a Packers-Saints showdown that will see New Orleans operating without Drew Brees.

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Week 2

Game MatchupOpening Line
New York Giants at WashingtonWashington -3
New England Patriots at New York JetsPatriots -3.5
Denver Broncos at Jacksonville JaguarsBroncos -2.5
Buffalo Bills at Miami DolphinsBills -2.5
San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles49ers -4
LA Rams at Indianapolis ColtsRams -1.5
Las Vegas Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers -5.5
Cincinnati Bengals at Chicago BearsBears -4
Houston Texans at Cleveland BrownsBrowns -13
New Orleans Saints at Carolina PanthersSaints -2
Minnesota Vikings at Arizona CardinalsCardinals -2.5
Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay BuccaneersBuccaneers -8.5
Tennessee Titans at Seattle SeahawksSeahawks -3.5
Dallas Cowboys at LA ChargersChargers -1.5
Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore RavensChiefs -1
Detroit Lions at Green Bay PackersPackers -8

The Dolphins, fresh off a second straight season-opening battle against the Patriots, will get an early litmus test against the defending AFC East champion Bills. Matthew Stafford will also get to test his road mettle in a Rams uniform versus the Colts, while the Titans-Seahawks and Cowboys-Chargers late Sunday afternoon tussles feature two 2020 playoff teams in the former and a pair of clubs that are striving to get back to the postseason in the latter. The Sunday Night Football matchup is elite as well — the Chiefs and Ravens meet in Baltimore as John Harbaugh’s squad tries to avenge a 34-20 loss in Week 3 of last season.

Week 3

Game MatchupOpening Line
Carolina Panthers vs. Houston TexansPanthers -4.5
Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee TitansTitans -1
Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Giants Giants -2.5
LA Chargers vs. Kansas City ChiefsChiefs -7
Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh SteelersSteelers -5.5
Chicago Bears vs. Cleveland BrownsBrowns -7
Baltimore Ravens vs Detroit LionsRavens -7.5
New Orleans Saints at New England PatriotsPatriots -7
Arizona Cardinals at Jacksonville JaguarsCardinals -2.5
Washington at Buffalo BillsBills -7
New York Jets at Denver BroncosBroncos -5.5
Miami Dolphins at Las Vegas RaidersDolphins -1
Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota VikingsVikings -1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. LA RamsRams -1
Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers49ers -4.5
Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas CowboysCowboys -6

The week features a good balance of divisional and conference matchups, with the Titans-Colts, Chargers-Chiefs, Buccaneers-Rams and Packers-49ers showdowns the top examples. Additionally, the Bengals-Steelers AFC North clash should make for an intriguing test for Joe Burrow as he continues his quest to bounce back from last year’s ACL tear, while the Eagles-Cowboys Monday night finale will feature the first of what should be many Jalen Hurts-Dak Prescott battles.

Week 4

Game MatchupOpening Line
Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati BengalsBengals -2.5
Tennessee Titans at New York JetsTitans -3.5
Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia EaglesChiefs -8.5
Carolina Panthers at Dallas Cowboys Cowboys -5
New York Giants at New Orleans SaintsSaints -5
Cleveland Browns at Minnesota VikingsBrowns -1
Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Bears -5.5
Houston Texans at Buffalo BillsBills -14
Indianapolis Colts at Miami DolphinsDolphins -1
Washington at Atlanta FalconsFalcons -2.5
Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers49ers -3.5
Arizona Cardinals at LA RamsRams -4.5
Pittsburgh Steelers at Green Bay PackersPackers -2.5
Baltimore Ravens at Denver BroncosRavens -3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England PatriotsBuccaneers -3
Las Vegas Raiders at LA ChargersChargers -4

A week heavy on intriguing quarterback head-to-head matchups begins with a Thursday night battle between the last two No. 1 overall picks in Trevor Lawrence and Joe Burrow. Then, Sunday’s early window is highlighted by a Colts-Dolphins battle in South Florida that should serve as a good gauge of how both Carson Wentz and Tua Tagovailoa are faring in key seasons for each quarterback. Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts also meet up for the first time in the Chiefs-Eagles interconference duel. However, the game that will undoubtedly receive a Super Bowl-level of hype is the Sunday Night Football return of Tom Brady to New England as a member of the Buccaneers, a contest that will undoubtedly be fascinating to watch unfold irrespective of each team’s record. In a nod to how competitive a game is expected, the defending Super Bowl champion Bucs are just 3.5-point favorites in the first-look line.

Week 5

Game MatchupOpening Line
LA Rams at Seattle Seahawks Seahawks -1
New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons (London)Falcons -3
Detroit Lions at Minnesota VikingsVikings -8.5
New Orleans Saints at WashingtonSaints -1.5
New England Patriots at Houston TexansPatriots -6
Miami Dolphins at Tampa Bay BuccaneersBuccaneers -7.5
Green Bay Packers at Cincinnati BengalsPackers -3
Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh SteelersSteelers -4.5
Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina PanthersPanthers -3
Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville JaguarsTitans -3
Cleveland Browns at LA Chargers Browns -1.5
Chicago Bears at Las Vegas RaidersRaiders -3.5
San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals49ers -1
New York Giants at Dallas CowboysCowboys -5.5
Buffalo Bills at Kansas City ChiefsChiefs -4.5
Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore RavensRavens -4

The Rams and Seahawks kick off the week Thursday night in Matthew Stafford’s first taste of the heated divisional rivalry. Other noteworthy matchups include an Aaron Rodgers-Joe Burrow battle in Cincinnati, a Sunshine State showdown between the Dolphins and Buccaneers in Tampa and a Bills-Chiefs AFC Championship Game rematch that will unfold on Sunday Night Football.

Week 6

Game MatchupOpening Line
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia EaglesBuccaneers -7.5
Miami Dolphins at Jacksonville JaguarsDolphins -2.5
Kansas City Chiefs at WashingtonChiefs -6.5
LA Rams at New York GiantsRams -3.5
Houston Texans at Indianapolis ColtsColts -11.5
Cincinnati Bengals at Detroit Lions Bengals -1
Green Bay Packers at Chicago BearsPackers -2.5
LA Chargers at Baltimore RavensRavens -5.5
Minnesota Vikings at Carolina PanthersPanthers -3
Arizona Cardinals at Cleveland BrownsBrowns -4.5
Las Vegas Raiders at Denver BroncosBroncos -3.5
Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots Patriots -1.5
Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers -2.5
Buffalo Bills at Tennessee TitansBills -2.5

The bye weeks begin later than usual in this inaugural 17-game season. The Falcons, Saints, Jets and 49ers are idle, but the abbreviated slate gets an electrifying start with a Buccaneers-Eagles conference clash on Thursday night, and it also includes Cardinals-Browns and Seahawks-Steelers interconference tilts that should feature some stellar quarterback play. The week doesn’t wrap up in shabby fashion by any means either – the Bills visit the Titans on Monday night in a battle of teams looking to topple the Chiefs in the AFC.

Bye weeks: Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints, New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers

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Week 7

Game MatchupOpening Line
Denver Broncos at Cleveland BrownsBrowns -7
Carolina Panthers at New York GiantsGiants -3
New York Jets at New England PatriotsPatriots -6.5
Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee TitansChiefs -4.5
Washington at Green Bay PackersPackers -4
Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins Dolphins -3.5
Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore RavensRavens -10
Detroit Lions at LA Rams Rams -12
Philadelphia Eagles at Las Vegas RaidersRaiders -3.5
Houston Texans at Arizona CardinalsCardinals -10.5
Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay BuccaneersBuccaneers -10
Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers49ers -4.5
New Orleans Saints at Seattle SeahawksSeahawks -3

There’s a bit of a drain on star power due to the teams on bye in this week – the Bills, Cowboys, Vikings, Steelers, Chargers and Jaguars are all off. Nevertheless, a Chiefs-Titans matchup in the early window shapes up as a game of heavy interest, while the Eagles-Raiders late-afternoon contest and the Colts-49ers and Saints-Seahawks week-ending primetime battles will also certainly be ones to watch. There should also be a bit of intrigue attached to a Lions-Rams clash out west in the late-afternoon window Sunday, as Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford face their old squads.

Bye weeks: Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Jacksonville Jaguars, LA Chargers, Minnesota Vikings, Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 8

Game MatchupOpening Line
Green Bay Packers at Arizona CardinalsCardinals -3
Cincinnati Bengals at New York JetsJets -1
Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis ColtsColts -3.5
LA Rams at Houston TexansRams -8.5
Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland BrownsBrowns -4.5
Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions Eagles -1
San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears49ers -4
Carolina Panthers at Atlanta FalconsFalcons -3.5
Miami Dolphins at Buffalo BillsBills -7
New England Patriots at LA ChargersChargers -2.5
Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle SeahawksSeahawks -7.5
Washington at Denver BroncosBroncos -3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans SaintsBuccaneers -2.5
Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota VikingsVikings -2
New York Giants at Kansas City ChiefsChiefs -10

As the leaves begin to turn, the Packers and Cardinals kick things off on Thursday night in the desert. Then, the Dolphins hope their trip to Buffalo is more treat than trick in the early window on Halloween Sunday, while other standout divisional showdowns include Steelers-Browns and Titans-Colts. A Buccaneers-Saints tussle in the late afternoon sees Tampa Bay try to secure its first regular-season win against New Orleans with Tom Brady at the helm, while a Cowboys-Vikings matchup makes for an excellent Sunday night main event.

Bye weeks: Baltimore Ravens, Las Vegas Raiders

Week 9

Game MatchupOpening Line
New York Jets at Indianapolis ColtsColts -8.5
Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans SaintsSaints -6
Denver Broncos at Dallas CowboysCowboys -4.5
New England Patriots at Carolina PanthersPanthers -1
Minnesota Vikings at Baltimore RavensRavens -7
Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati BengalsBrowns -4.5
Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville JaguarsBills -6.5
Houston Texans at Miami DolphinsDolphins -7.5
Las Vegas Raiders at New York GiantsGiants -1.5
LA Chargers at Philadelphia EaglesChargers -2
Green Bay Packers at Kansas City ChiefsChiefs -7
Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers49ers -5
Tennessee Titans at LA RamsRams -5.5
Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh SteelersSteelers -5.5

The Lions, Seahawks, Bucs and Washington make up the week’s idle teams, and on paper the early part of the week is a bit light on attention-getting games. However, the late-afternoon window/Sunday night game makes up for it, with Chargers-Eagles, Packers-Chiefs, Cardinals-49ers and Titans-Rams battles on the schedule.

Bye weeks: Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Football Team

Week 10

Game MatchupOpening Line
Baltimore Ravens at Miami DolphinsRavens -3
Buffalo Bills at New York JetsBills -7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at WashingtonBuccaneers -7
Atlanta Falcons at Dallas CowboysCowboys -5.5
New Orleans Saints at Tennessee TitansTitans -2.5
Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts Colts -7.5
Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh SteelersSteelers -7.5
Cleveland Browns at New England PatriotsBrowns -2
Minnesota Vikings at LA ChargersChargers -3
Carolina Panthers at Arizona CardinalsCardinals -6
Philadelphia Eagles at Denver BroncosBroncos -5.5
Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay PackersPackers -3
Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas RaidersChiefs -7.5
LA Rams at San Francisco 49ers49ers -3

A Ravens-Dolphins Thursday night affair starts off the first football week of November, with Baltimore notably just a 3-point favorite on the early line as Lamar Jackson returns to his hometown. The closest projected games by oddsmakers at the moment fall toward the late Sunday window, although the early Saints-Titans and Browns-Patriots matchups feature the hosts and visitors as sub-3-point favorites, respectively. Vikings-Chargers, Seahawks-Packers and Rams-49ers contests, the latter on Monday night, particularly catch the eye and currently see each home team as a first-look 3-point favorite.

Bye weeks: Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans, New York Giants

Week 11

Game MatchupOpening Line
New England Patriots at Atlanta FalconsFalcons -1.5
New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia EaglesSaints -3.5
Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Dolphins -3
Washington at Carolina PanthersPanthers -1
Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo BillsBills -4.5
Detroit Lions at Cleveland BrownsBrowns -10
San Francisco 49ers at Jacksonville Jaguars49ers -4
Houston Texans at Tennessee TitansTitans -9.5
Green Bay Packers at Minnesota VikingsVikings -3
Baltimore Ravens at Chicago BearsRavens -3.5
Cincinnati Bengals at Las Vegas RaidersRaiders -4.5
Dallas Cowboys at Kansas City ChiefsChiefs -7.5
Pittsburgh Steelers at LA ChargersChargers -2.5
Arizona Cardinals at Seattle SeahawksSeahawks -3.5
New York Giants at Tampa Bay BuccaneersBuccaneers -10

The Patriots-Falcons Thursday night opener could certainly be interesting depending on where both teams are at this point in the season, but there are some pre-Thanksgiving treats on tap Sunday in the form of Colts-Bills, Packers-Vikings and Saints-Eagles in the early window. Then, the late-afternoon showcase is highlighted by a Cowboys-Chiefs extravaganza at Arrowhead Stadium that marks the first Dak Prescott-Patrick Mahomes meeting ever. The opening line sees KC as just better than a touchdown favorite in a game that should see an avalanche of betting interest. Additionally, the Cardinals-Seahawks and Chargers-Steelers games that also help close out the Sunday portion of the Week 11 slate aren’t exactly duds.

Bye weeks: Denver Broncos, LA Rams

Week 12

Game MatchupOpening Line
Chicago Bears at Detroit LionsBears -3.5
Las Vegas Raiders at Dallas Cowboys Cowboys -5
Buffalo Bills at New Orleans SaintsBills -1.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Indianapolis ColtsBuccaneers -1
New York Jets at Houston TexansJets -1
Philadelphia Eagles at New York GiantsGiants -3
Carolina Panthers at Miami Dolphins Dolphins -4.5
Tennessee Titans at New England PatriotsPatriots -1.5
Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati BengalsSteelers -3
Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville JaguarsJaguars -1
LA Chargers at Denver BroncosBroncos -2.5
LA Rams at Green Bay PackersRams -1
Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers49ers -6.5
Cleveland Browns at Baltimore RavensRavens -3.5
Seattle Seahawks at WashingtonSeahawks -2.5

The annual three-game Thanksgiving slate gives us a divisional appetizer followed by co-interconference main courses. The Bears and Lions kick things off in the traditional early game in Detroit, while Raiders-Cowboys and Bills-Saints battles constitute the remainder of the day’s action. Sunday gives us plenty of tasty leftovers, with a Buccaneers-Colts game that carries a Pick ‘Em opening line and a Rams-Packers conference clash in Lambeau as two highlights of the main Sunday slate before a Browns-Ravens AFC North showdown closes out the day. The Chiefs and Cardinals notably get Thanksgiving week as byes as well, a quirk of the new 17-game season.

Bye weeks: Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs

Week 13

Game MatchupOpening Line
Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans SaintsSaints -3.5
New York Giants at Miami DolphinsDolphins -3.5
Indianapolis Colts at Houston TexansColts -7
Minnesota Vikings at Detroit LionsVikings -4
Philadelphia Eagles at New York JetsJets -1.5
Denver Broncos at Kansas City ChiefsChiefs -9.5
Arizona Cardinals at Chicago BearsCardinals -1.5
LA Chargers at Cincinnati BengalsChargers -2.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta FalconsBuccaneers -4.5
Washington at Las Vegas RaidersRaiders -2.5
Jacksonville Jaguars at LA RamsRams -9.5
Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh SteelersRavens -2.5
San Francisco 49ers at Seattle SeahawksSeahawks -1.5
New England Patriots at Buffalo BillsBills -7

Even with the extra week of games beginning this season, the flipping of the calendar to December still equates to the playoff chase beginning in earnest. It’s therefore fitting the schedule starts with a Cowboys-Saints Thursday night tussle in the Big Easy, a game that actually has a first-look line of New Orleans as 3.5-point favorites. The Sunday slate features a handful of particularly elevated first-look spreads, but the Ravens-Steelers and 49ers-Seahawks divisional matchups that close out the day’s action are unsurprisingly projected to be much tighter.

Bye weeks: Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, Tennessee Titans

Week 14

Game MatchupOpening Line
Pittsburgh Steelers at Minnesota VikingsVikings -3
Dallas Cowboys at WashingtonWashington -1.5
San Francisco 49ers at Cincinnati Bengals49ers -3.5
Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee TitansTitans -6
Seattle Seahawks at Houston TexansSeahawks -7
Las Vegas Raiders at Kansas City ChiefsChiefs -10.5
New Orleans Saints at New York JetsSaints -3
Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers Panthers -3.5
Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland BrownsBrowns -2.5
New York Giants at LA ChargersChargers -6
Detroit Lions at Denver BroncosBroncos -7.5
Buffalo Bills at Tampa Bay BuccaneersBuccaneers -4
Chicago Bears at Green Bay PackersPackers -5.5
LA Rams at Arizona CardinalsRams -2.5

The Colts, Dolphins, Patriots and Eagles take some late-season bye weeks, but there are certainly some games to keep an eye on throughout the ledger. The Steelers and Vikings cut the ribbon on the week with an interesting interconference Thursday night meeting, while the 49ers-Bengals, Ravens-Browns, Bills-Buccaneers and Rams-Cardinals contests should all draw in plenty of interest and very likely carry significant postseason implications for each team.

Bye weeks: Philadelphia Eagles, Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots

Week 15

Game MatchupOpening Line
Kansas City Chiefs at LA ChargersChiefs -6.5
New York Jets at Miami DolphinsDolphins -6.5
Washington at Philadelphia EaglesEagles -1.5
Las Vegas Raiders at Cleveland BrownsBrowns -6.5
Carolina Panthers at Buffalo BillsBills -9.5
New England Patriots at Indianapolis ColtsColts -5.5
Dallas Cowboys at New York GiantsCowboys -1
Houston Texans at Jacksonville JaguarsJaguars -4.5
Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh SteelersSteelers -3
Green Bay Packers at Baltimore RavensRavens -5.5
Arizona Cardinals at Detroit LionsCardinals -6.5
Cincinnati Bengals at Denver BroncosBroncos -5.5
Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers49ers -7.5
Seattle Seahawks at LA RamsRams -4
New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay BuccaneersBuccaneers -7
Minnesota Vikings at Chicago BearsVikings -1

With bye weeks finally concluded, we’re back to a full supply of games, beginning with the Chiefs’ visit to the Chargers on Thursday night. It’s tough to predict how many postseason-relevant games there will be this far in advance; however, it’s safe to assume that the Raiders-Browns, Patriots-Colts, WFT-Eagles and Titans-Steelers meetings could be games in which Wild Card spots are being heavily contested. Additionally, the Seahawks-Rams and Saints-Buccaneers late-afternoon/Sunday night matchups may ultimately go a long way toward deciding division crowns.

Week 16

Game MatchupOpening Line
San Francisco 49ers at Tennessee Titans49ers -2
Cleveland Browns at Green Bay PackersPackers -1.5
Indianapolis Colts at Arizona Cardinals Cardinals -1
New York Giants at Philadelphia EaglesEagles -1.5
LA Rams at Minnesota Vikings Rams -2.5
Buffalo Bills at New England PatriotsBills -3.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina PanthersBuccaneers -6.5
Jacksonville Jaguars at New York JetsJets -1.5
Detroit Lions at Atlanta FalconsFalcons -7.5
LA Chargers at Houston TexansChargers -5.5
Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati BengalsRavens -6.5
Chicago Bears at Seattle SeahawksSeahawks -5.5
Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City ChiefsChiefs -8.5
Denver Broncos at Las Vegas RaidersRaiders -2.5
Washington at Dallas CowboysCowboys -5
Miami Dolphins at New Orleans SaintsSaints -3.5

It’s a long Christmas weekend in the NFL, which means games over the course of four days. The 49ers-Titans interconference battle Thursday night serves as a fine way to kick off the festivities, while a Saturday Christmas Day doubleheader consists of Browns-Packers and Colts-Cardinals marquee matchups. Ravens-Bengals and Steelers-Chiefs contests are among the noteworthy Sunday games, and the Dolphins and Saints will close out the ledger in what could be a crucial contest for both Monday night.

Week 17

Game MatchupOpening Line
Philadelphia Eagles at WashingtonWashington -3.5
Carolina Panthers at New Orleans SaintsSaints -6.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York JetsBuccaneers -8.5
Miami Dolphins at Tennessee TitansTitans -3
Jacksonville Jaguars at New England PatriotsPatriots -5.5
Las Vegas Raiders at Indianapolis ColtsColts -6
Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati BengalsChiefs -7.5
New York Giants at Chicago BearsBears -2
Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo BillsBills -8.5
Arizona Cardinals at Dallas CowboysCowboys -2.5
Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers49ers -13.5
Denver Broncos at LA Chargers Chargers -3
LA Rams at Baltimore RavensRavens -3
Detroit Lions at Seattle SeahawksSeahawks -9.5
Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay PackersPackers -3
Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh SteelersSteelers -1.5

The Thursday Night Football schedule is done for the season, meaning a robust Sunday slate is in store as the calendar flips to 2022. With playoff implications sure to abound, the most noteworthy matchups from a preseason perspective appear to include Cardinals-Cowboys, Dolphins-Titans, Raiders-Colts and Rams-Ravens. The Browns-Steelers AFC North faceoff that closes out the week Monday night at Heinz Field could also have a seismic impact on the division and conference playoff picture overall, with oddsmakers notably making this one a Pick ‘Em in their first line.

Week 18

Odds provided for Week 18 are from the Las Vegas SuperBook.

Game MatchupOpening Line
Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia EaglesCowboys -2.5
Green Bay Packers at Detroit LionsPackers -3.5
Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville JaguarsColts -3
Washington at New York GiantsGiants -1.5
Chicago Bears at Minnesota VikingsVikings -4
Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay BuccaneersBuccaneers -6.5
New England Patriots at Miami DolphinsDolphins -2.5
New Orleans Saints at Atlanta FalconsFalcons -1
Tennessee Titans at Houston TexansTitans -6
Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore RavensRavens -5.5
New York Jets at Buffalo BillsBills -6.5
Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland BrownsBrowns -6.5
LA Chargers at Las Vegas RaidersRaiders -1.5
San Francisco 49ers at LA RamsRams -3
Kansas City Chiefs at Denver BroncosChiefs -3
Seattle Seahawks at Arizona CardinalsCardinals -2

The grand finale of the “biggest season ever” will likely be very similar to every other final week of the regular season in recent memory – impossible to prognosticate this far in advance. As customary, certain teams with locked-in fates beyond this week are sure to rest players and a number of stars will inevitably be out with injuries by this point in the campaign. Nevertheless, oddsmakers have taken their stab, with two of the four first-look spreads above five points – notably involving 2020 non-contenders the Jets and Texans. The Week 18 schedule is exclusively constituted by divisional games, with the league hoping to tee up as many meaningful contests as possible.

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