NFL Draft Props: A Cautionary Tale Of Legal Gambling

Written By Marc Meltzer on May 2, 2018
NFL Draft Props

Nevada prides itself on how strongly it regulates casino operators. Well, it seems as if the shit hit the fan with a handful of NFL Draft prop bets with a statewide sportsbook operator.

  • Bettor (Gill Alexander from VSiN) went 6-0 on prop bets placed with William Hill.
  • William Hill only paid three of the six winning bets initially, according to Alexander.
  • William Hill eventually paid Alexander for all six bets … after three days.

Gill Alexander detailed his ordeal on Wednesday’s VSiN broadcast of “A Numbers Game.” Trying to cash out six wagers placed at a William Hill sportsbook seems simple enough. Nope. Despite dealing with a pleasant ticket writer at the casino, only three of his six wagers would be cashed. The system didn’t allow the ticket writer to pay Alexander for the following three winning NFL Draft prop bets:

  • Baker Mayfield +7.5 vs. Lamar Jackson
  • Minkah Fitzpatrick -0.5 vs. Derwin James
  • Roquan Smith -1.5 vs. Tremaine Edmunds

Since the ticket writer at Hooters Casino wasn’t able to pay the tickets, Alexander started speaking with people up the food chain at William Hill. After being given a strange excuse for why the Mayfield prop bet was a loser he was directed to speak with another person later. The discussion went to multiple supervisors all weekend long. William Hill finally agreed to pay his winning bets on Monday.

That’s definitely crappy, but in the end, Alexander was paid. The story doesn’t end here though. VSiN listeners that may have followed Alexander and placed similar bets may not have received the same treatment. It appears as though speaking with the big dogs at William Hill paid off for Alexander. Other bettors may not have gone up the food chain and been paid for their winning bets.

Stories like this about sportsbooks operating like this aren’t new. What is new is the public forum that this is shared on. It is very rare that local or national media broadcast the negative tales of casino operations just as they happen. Using the national platform of VSiN may shed light on a situation that would normally remain in the dark.

Michael Grodsky, VP of Marketing at William Hill US, had had this to say about the situation: “It was confusing. It was brought to our attention and we are paying customers. Customers can bring tickets on the specific props to any of our sports books and we will cash them.”

As sports betting is being considered for legalization around the country, Nevada is being looked at for regulation. Regardless of laws being broken or not this is a shady situation. If the Nevada Gaming Control Board is as tough as they say, they should be looking into this situation.

You can watch or listen to Gill Alexander’s complete story about his experience about trying to get paid by William Hill for his NFL Draft prop bets below.

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