NFL Christmas Odds: Packers at Dolphins, Broncos at Rams, Bucs at Cardinals

Written By Evan Scrimshaw on December 25, 2022
nfl christmas odds

NFL Christmas odds feature a three-game slate amid NFL Week 16 this season. With the 6-6 Green Bay Packers () playing at the 8-6 Miami Dolphins (), the Denver Broncos () and Los Angels Rams () playing for their pride, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers () trying to keep their NFC South lead heading into Arizona to face the Cardinals (), there are plenty of opportunities to bet.

TheLines has betting guides for all three games below, including injury reports, offense vs. defense stats, weather and the best available odds.

NFL Christmas Odds: Spreads, Moneyline, And Over/Under

This Christmas NFL odds table effectively shows all the legal sportsbook MNF odds for each of the three main markets – spreadstotals, and moneylines – so that bettors can know what they’re getting is the best price. Just use the dropdown menu to toggle between the type of bet you want, and then make sure you’re getting the best price when you bet.

If you’re looking at spreads, getting an extra half point on either side can make or break the difference, and getting the best side of a total points market can be crucial as well. When it comes to Moneyline betting, you always want to get the best number possible – all three things that the easy comparison points of the odds table allow.

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NFL Christmas Odds For Player Props

The props tool enables bettors to effectively track NFL Christmas odds across sportsbooks for every player prop, to make sure that bettors aren’t missing out on a better total, or a better value, on a player prop.

Whether it’s getting a total you want to bet an Over on 5 yards lower, or a line where you have to pay less juice, the Props tool enables bettors to make sure they’re not missing out on the best available Christmas Day odds.

Latest News Involving NFL Christmas Odds

Green Bay Packers at Miami Dolphins

Reasons The Packers Can Cover The Spread

The Packers have been better in recent weeks, including in their victory on Monday night against the Rams. With their offense starting to get on track – up to 7th overall by DVOA – and against a passing defense that’s 27th by PFF grades and 26th by DVOA – the Packers are definitely live to win, let alone cover. If their pass defense can hold up – 8th by both PFF and DVOA, and with the 9th best Pressure Rate against a bottom 10 team in Pressure Allowed – then they can get the Dolphins off track and force Tua into plays he isn’t comfortable making

Reasons The Dolphins Can Cover The Spread

The Dolphins, even with their running game struggles, should be able to run all over the Packers’ porous rush defense. 32nd by DVOA, the Packers rush defense should enable the Dolphins to stay in 3rd and short most of the game, keeping the pressure off Tua.

If they can do that, then they just need the Dolphins’ rush Defense, which is 11th by DVOA and 5th by PFF, to force the Packers into more obvious throwing situations. The Packers are much more comfortable rushing, and a more pass happy Rodgers may show up some of his earlier season problems.

Prop Matchup

Aaron Jones Rushing Yards: With AJ Dillon suffering a concussion in the 4th Quarter of the game against the Rams, the lion’s share of the Packers rushing game will come through Jones. With an offensive philosophy that is built around rushing, Jones is gonna be used a lot, especially if Green Bay can score early.

Dolphins Vs. Packers Weather

A high temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit, with overcast clouds and 10 mph winds, is the forecast for Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday (as of 11:12 PM on December 22).

Miami Injuries

PlayerPos.InjuryStatusAvg. Snap Count
Bradley ChubbOLBKneeQuestionable54.9
Terron ArmsteadOTToeQuestionable53.2
Jaelan PhillipsLBToeQuestionable52.7
Durham SmytheTEQuadQuestionable44.5
Duke RileyLBRibsQuestionable44.0
Keion CrossenDBKneeQuestionable35.4
Jeff Wilson Jr.RBHipQuestionable32.4
River CracraftWRCalfQuestionable15.3
Eric FisherOTCalfQuestionable

Green Bay Injuries

PlayerPos.InjuryStatusAvg. Snap Count
David BakhtiariOTKneeQuestionable53.4
Aaron JonesRBKneeQuestionable39.1
Keisean NixonCBGroinQuestionable35.6

Dolphins Offense Vs. Packers Defense

Dolphins OffenseStats (Rank)Packers Defense
24.6 (9)Points/Gm22.4 (15)
0.4 (1)Points/Play0.4 (14)
370.4 (5)Yards/Gm334.0 (15)
273.6 (3)Pass Yards/Gm185.1 (2)
96.9 (27)Rush Yards/Gm148.9 (29)
6.2 (2)Yards/Play5.6 (18)
7.8 (1)Yards/Pass6.8 (19)
4.3 (17)Yards/Rush5.0 (29)
37.7% (21)3rd Down %38.0% (12)
60.5% (10)Red Zone %56.8% (20)
15 (6)Turnovers16 (19)
30 (9)Sacks29 (23)

Packers Offense Vs. Dolphins Defense

Packers OffenseStats (Rank)Dolphins Defense
20.5 (20)Points/Gm24.6 (26)
0.3 (15)Points/Play0.4 (14)
345.6 (15)Yards/Gm357.6 (23)
219.3 (16)Pass Yards/Gm246.3 (27)
126.3 (12)Rush Yards/Gm111.3 (10)
5.6 (11)Yards/Play5.5 (17)
6.5 (15)Yards/Pass6.6 (14)
4.8 (7)Yards/Rush4.4 (14)
40.7% (15)3rd Down %43.7% (27)
52.3% (20)Red Zone %62.0% (25)
19 (23)Turnovers13 (29)
27 (8)Sacks35 (13)

Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Rams

Reasons The Broncos Can Cover The Spread

The Broncos Defense is still the best unit in this game – 4th by both PFF grades and DVOA – and that could be enough to cover this spread. If the Defense can have a lot of 3rd and longs, they will be able to get the Rams into passing downs and be able to tee off on him, which could create short fields and potentially even defensive scores.

Holding Baker Mayfield to a limited amount of points shouldn’t be too hard, which will keep them in the game.

Reasons The Rams Can Cover The Spread

While the Broncos defense is the best unit in the game, the Broncos offense is the worst in the game – 28th by DVOA and 30th by PFF grades – and will create a lot of opportunities for the Rams. The Broncos might be able to create short fields for their offense, but their offense won’t be able to do anything about it.

Baker Mayfield hasn’t been great the last two weeks, but he can put up some points, which might be enough to win and cover.

Prop Matchup

Total Sacks: The Rams and Raiders have the 30th and 32nd best offensive lines in the game, respectively, at stopping pressure. While neither team has exceptionally good pass rushes, with those sorts of offensive lines and the likelihood of a lot of obvious passing downs, there will likely be a lot of sacks in this game.

Broncos Vs. Rams Weather

The weather forecast for Inglewood on Sunday is dry (broken clouds) and calm (2 mph winds), with a high temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit (as of 11:13 PM on December 22).

Denver Injuries

PlayerPos.InjuryStatusAvg. Snap Count
Dalton RisnerOGShoulderQuestionable68.0
Courtland SuttonWRHamstringQuestionable59.3
K’Waun WilliamsCBWristQuestionable48.2
Kendall HintonWRHamstringQuestionable41.7
Randy GregoryOLBKneeQuestionable38.2
Latavius MurrayRBFootQuestionable33.5
Chase EdmondsRBAnkleQuestionable20.8
Dakota AllenLBHamstringOut14.7
Darius PhillipsCBHamstringOut13.9

Los Angeles Injuries

PlayerPos.InjuryStatusAvg. Snap Count
Brian AllenCCalfOut53.1
Ben SkowronekWRCalfOut52.7
John WolfordQBNeckQuestionable40.3
Chandler BrewerOTMclQuestionable32.3
David Long Jr.DBGroinQuestionable31.3
Marquise CopelandDTAnkleQuestionable24.7
Travin HowardILBHipQuestionable24.0
Jake GervaseLBAnkleQuestionable21.8

Broncos Offense Vs. Rams Defense

Broncos OffenseStats (Rank)Rams Defense
15.6 (32)Points/Gm22.9 (18)
0.2 (32)Points/Play0.4 (14)
316.1 (27)Yards/Gm331.6 (13)
208.4 (22)Pass Yards/Gm227.1 (21)
107.8 (23)Rush Yards/Gm104.5 (4)
5.0 (25)Yards/Play5.4 (14)
6.2 (21)Yards/Pass6.9 (22)
4.1 (24)Yards/Rush4.0 (4)
28.6% (32)3rd Down %41.4% (22)
50.0% (25)Red Zone %43.5% (2)
16 (9)Turnovers16 (19)
51 (31)Sacks29 (23)

Rams Offense Vs. Broncos Defense

Rams OffenseStats (Rank)Broncos Defense
16.4 (31)Points/Gm18.1 (3)
0.3 (15)Points/Play0.3 (2)
273.9 (32)Yards/Gm309.0 (5)
188.9 (25)Pass Yards/Gm194.5 (6)
85.1 (30)Rush Yards/Gm114.5 (14)
4.6 (32)Yards/Play4.9 (4)
5.8 (30)Yards/Pass5.5 (2)
3.7 (30)Yards/Rush4.4 (14)
39.2% (18)3rd Down %32.1% (2)
54.3% (15)Red Zone %37.5% (1)
21 (27)Turnovers19 (10)
51 (31)Sacks35 (13)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals

Reasons The Buccaneers Can Cover The Spread

The Buccaneers do have the clear and obvious Quarterback advantage in this game, with even this version of Tom Brady an immeasurable edge over Trace McSorley. That has led to the largest NFL Christmas odds line movement among the three games, after Tampa Bay opened -4. The Bucs should be able to score on the 27th defense by DVOA relatively easily, and if they can get a lead, unlike last week, their 9th ranked DVOA defense should be able to hold that lead.

Reasons The Cardinals Can Cover The Spread

The Cardinals would need a substantially better Trace McSorley than we saw the last time he played, or the Bucs need to be as turnover happy as they were last week in the second half. Getting a touchdown and a hook is nice, but the Cardinals still probably need luck to cover.

Prop Matchup

Leonard Fournette Rushing Yards: With the Bucs likely to be in positive game script for much of this game, the Bucs will likely make Fournette a focal point of the offense. With keeping Brady Healthy as the key to the end of the season, reducing his passing plays where he might be hit is key.

Buccaneers Vs. Cardinals Weather

The weather forecast for Glendale on Sunday is dry (clear sky) and relatively calm (2 mph winds), with a high temperature of 67 degrees Fahrenheit. But this game could be played indoors because State Farm Stadium has a retractable roof.

Tampa Bay Injuries

PlayerPos.InjuryStatusAvg. Snap Count
Tristan WirfsOTLower legQuestionable73.4
Jamel DeanCBToeQuestionable72.2
Donovan SmithOTFootQuestionable70.9
Julio JonesWRKneeQuestionable38.5
Josh WellsOTBackQuestionable34.2
Genard AveryOLBAbdomenQuestionable26.2
Carl NassibOLBPectoralQuestionable24.5

Arizona Injuries

PlayerPos.InjuryStatusAvg. Snap Count
Marquise BrownWRGroinQuestionable69.1
Byron MurphyCBBackQuestionable68.2
Marco WilsonCBNeckQuestionable61.1
Colt McCoyQBConcussionOut57.3
Antonio HamiltonCBBackQuestionable50.9
Markus GoldenOLBAnkleQuestionable44.7
Greg DortchWRKneeQuestionable36.3
Ezekiel TurnerILBAnkleQuestionable25.5
Christian MatthewCBShoulderQuestionable22.1

Buccaneers Offense Vs. Cardinals Defense

Buccaneers OffenseStats (Rank)Cardinals Defense
17.6 (28)Points/Gm26.6 (32)
0.3 (15)Points/Play0.4 (14)
342.7 (18)Yards/Gm351.9 (20)
268.4 (4)Pass Yards/Gm237.6 (23)
74.3 (32)Rush Yards/Gm114.3 (13)
5.0 (25)Yards/Play5.6 (18)
6.0 (27)Yards/Pass6.7 (18)
3.3 (32)Yards/Rush4.6 (21)
37.8% (20)3rd Down %43.2% (25)
53.7% (18)Red Zone %69.2% (32)
18 (17)Turnovers17 (16)
19 (1)Sacks31 (19)

Cardinals Offense Vs. Buccaneers Defense

Cardinals OffenseStats (Rank)Buccaneers Defense
20.9 (18)Points/Gm20.6 (10)
0.3 (15)Points/Play0.3 (2)
327.1 (21)Yards/Gm314.7 (7)
215.4 (18)Pass Yards/Gm194.4 (5)
111.8 (20)Rush Yards/Gm120.4 (17)
4.8 (29)Yards/Play5.1 (7)
5.5 (32)Yards/Pass6.0 (6)
4.3 (17)Yards/Rush4.5 (20)
35.8% (25)3rd Down %37.7% (10)
60.5% (10)Red Zone %61.0% (24)
18 (17)Turnovers13 (29)
40 (24)Sacks40 (6)

Best of luck betting on all the NFL Christmas odds, and a Happy New Year as well from all of us at

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