2018 NFL Betting: CG Technologies Releases Win Totals, Player Props, Playoff Odds

Written By Marc Meltzer on June 17, 2018 - Last Updated on June 20, 2018
NFL Betting 2018

Football season never ends. The NFL has cleverly created a calendar that keeps the league in the news even when games aren’t being played. Sportsbook operators know that the majority of sports bettors are fans first and keep up with this calendar. Almost as soon as there’s news about games released you can head to the sportsbook and place some wagers.

The NFL announced the schedule in April and a couple sportsbooks had Week 1 lines ready to go right away. There is more money wagered on football in Nevada than all other sports combined and the sportsbooks are ready to fire out wagering opportunities ASAP.

NFL betting opportunities exploded this week as CG Technology released a slew of betting options. They’re often the first sportsbook in Las Vegas to open betting opportunities for their customers and they don’t disappoint with pages of NFL betting opportunities.

CG Technologies operates sportsbooks in eight Las Vegas casinos including Cosmopolitan, Hard Rock, M Resort, Palms, The Palazzo, Silverton, Tropicana, and The Venetian. Like most sportsbooks in Nevada, they also have a mobile sports wagering app if their customers can’t make it down to a casino. Here are the new NFL betting opportunities available.

  • Over/Under Season Win Totals
  • Will They Make The Playoffs?
  • Odds For Every Division Winner
  • Prop Bets For Quarterback, Wide Receiver, and Running Back

According to Matt Holt, Vice President of Business Development at CG Technology, the maximum limit varies by the bet type.

  • $10,000 for Division Odds
  • $1,000 for Season win totals
  • $1,000 for Yes/ no make playoffs
  • $500 for player props

The maximum bet limits should increase in a week or so as numbers settle and other sportsbook open similar wagering opportunities.

The season win totals usually get most of the attention from the mainstream media but there are a lot of ways to get down on the NFL way before the season starts. There are individual player prop bets that you don’t often see this far in advance of the season.

Season Win Totals

Teams of interest include:

  • Lowest win total: Cleveland Browns – Over/Under 4.5
  • Highest win total: New England Patriots – Over/Under 12
  • My team: New York Jets – Over/Under 5

NFL Totals

Will They Make The Playoffs?

No, these aren’t 50/50 bets after the juice is added. Notable teams of interest:

  • New York Jets: No -2500, Yes +1100
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: No – Even, Yes -120
  • New England Patriots: Yes -1100, No +700

NFL Playoffs

Division Winners

Division winner odds of note include:

  • AFC East
  • NFC West

NFL Divisions

NFL Player Props

The quarterback props all have short odds. You might be able to find an angle for a running back or wide receiver prop by looking at offensive schemes and play design.

NFL Props 1

NFL Props 2

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