Which NFL Teams Have The Best And Worst Bye Weeks In 2024?

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Written By Brett Gibbons | Last Updated
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The long-awaited NFL schedule release is finally in the rearview mirror. Though opponents have been known for some time, the schedule release gives us two critical bits of info for each NFL team this year: Primetime appearances and bye weeks. Understanding bye weeks can help in fantasy football and your season-long NFL betting, too.

Or, at the very least, they can assist you in choosing which Sunday to sacrifice to fall cleanup.

Start adjusting your fantasy football draft strategy by browsing the bye weeks for every team this season below.

NFL Schedule Release: All Bye Weeks For 2024

Teams begin their rest weeks starting Week 5 and concluding in Week 14. For DFS purposes, keep note of “Bye-pocalypse,” where multiple offensive juggernauts sit in a given week.

  • Week 5: Lions, Chargers, Eagles, Titans
  • Week 6: Chiefs, Rams, Dolphins, Vikings
  • Week 7: Bears, Cowboys
  • Week 8: None
  • Week 9: Steelers, 49ers
  • Week 10: Browns, Packers, Raiders, Seahawks
  • Week 11: Cardinals, Panthers, Giants, Buccaneers
  • Week 12: Falcons, Bills, Bengals, Jaguars, Saints, Jets
  • Week 13: None (Thanksgiving)
  • Week 14: Ravens, Broncos, Texans, Colts, Patriots, Commanders

Most Advantageous Bye Weeks: Packers, Steelers, And Panthers

Of course, this is subjective. A late bye week helps teams primed for the postseason recuperate and rest more recently than their opponents. However, playing 13 consecutive weeks to begin the year may increase injury risk for players battling bruises and nags.

One thing is clear: bye weeks generally tend to be more desirable in the middle of the season.

The Packers rest in Week 10, which leads into an eight-game home stretch where they only leave Wisconsin and its neighboring once (at Seattle, Week 15—Note: they play at home in Week 9, too).

The Steelers get their Week 9 bye just ahead of an arduous run of six AFC North games in their final nine. Only Pittsburgh and the Bears play no divisional games before Week 10.

The Panthers (and Giants) return from Munich to a week of rest. That’s standard protocol for teams playing internationally. However, the two games played at home against the Chiefs and Buccaneers play in Carolina’s favor. For the remainder of the season (seven games), the Panthers don’t leave the eastern seaboard (road games at Philadelphia, Tampa, and Atlanta).

Least Advantageous Bye Weeks: Raiders, Bears, and Others

The Lions, Chargers, Eagles, and Titans would like to have their byes later than Week 5. That likely goes for the Week 6 teams, too. Conversely, the Week 14 bye teams would likely prefer an earlier week of rest. But even teams in the seemingly favorable zone have bye weeks that might not help them as much as they’d like.

The Raiders seemingly get a favorable bye in Week 10. However, it’s sandwiched between trips to Cincinnati and Miami (both 10:00 a.m. internal kicks, 1:00 p.m. eastern). They also travel to Kansas City, Tampa, and New Orleans before closing shop for the regular season. Before their bye, they travel three times outside the Pacific Time Zone and to the Eastern Time Zone twice (Week 2, 9).

The Bears take their bye at a decent time, Week 7. The rest of their schedule does them no favors, particularly with an exceedingly young roster. Chicago hits the road for back-to-back games against the Commanders and Cardinals before playing all six NFC North games over their last eight games. The only reprieve from in-division battles (a difficult division, at that!) is a trip to San Francisco to face the NFC-champion 49ers and a home date with the Seahawks.

While teams differ from projections, file away these teams for future betting purposes. Brutal travel schedules and ill-timed bye weeks are underrated facets of betting on the NFL that put you a step ahead.