Jets Fan Coin Flips Have Predicted Every Game So Far This Season

Written By Zach Tilley on November 9, 2022 - Last Updated on November 27, 2022

Football fans will do all kinds of crazy things to get themselves excited for an upcoming season. Especially, if you’re a fan of a struggling franchise. The Jets haven’t made the postseason since 2010, and personally, growing up a Detroit Lions fan, I would do all kinds of things when the schedule arrived too. I’d convince friends and family this was the year. Well, this Jets fan’s coin flips are defying the odds.

Known on Twitter as @noonernation, the Jets fan coin flips have gone viral on social media. Using a quarter back in August, he has wildly predicted the outcome of every game so far. His Jets are 6-4, BUT THE COIN IS 10-0!

We had to examine the odds of this actually happening if you could parlay the winner of every Jets game this season.

Jets fan coin flip odds

Let’s assume his method for predicting wins and losses was heads for a win, and tails for a loss. He then simply went down the list and recorded what his coin told him to do. For the rest of the season, the coin predicted an 11-6 record, and an eventual loss in the AFC Championship.

The probability of correctly guessing a coin flip ten times in a row is 0.097%. However, the odds of all ten of those teams winning … well, it would have been some parlay.

  • Week 1: Ravens over Jets (-295)
  • Week 2: Jets over Browns (+225)
  • Week 3: Bengals over Jets (-260)
  • Week 4: Jets over Steelers (+138)
  • Week 5: Jets over Dolphins (+140)
  • Week 6: Jets over Packers (+285)
  • Week 7: Jets over Broncos (-130)
  • Week 8: Patriots over Jets (-155)
  • Week 9: Jets over Bills (+410)
  • Week 10: BYE
  • Week 11: Patriots over Jets (-175)
  • Total Parlay Odds: (+308993) or roughly 3090-1

Those odds are the equivalent of about a 0.03% implied probability. The Jets host the Bears in Week 12, and the coin predicts a Jets loss.

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