Chris Christie Trolls Gov. Phil Murphy For Losing NJ’s First Ever Sports Bet

Written By Chops | Last Updated
Chris Christie
Deep down in the recesses of your soul, just admit that you kind of sort of really wish that former NJ Governor Chris Christie had been Donald Trump’s running mate.  Come on, admit it. Trump and Christie would literally break Twitter with their blend of insult comedy and 3rd-grade level trolling while shirtlessly screaming, “Are you not entertained?” They’d turn a 24-hour news cycle into a 24-second news shot clock. Don’t even try to process what it would do to your Facebook feed. Anyway… Chris Christie’s replacement as Governor of New Jersey is Phil Murphy (D-obv). Gov. Murphy placed the first post-PASPA legalized sports bet in New Jersey. That bet, which seemed perfectly reasonable at the time, was for Germany to win the World Cup. Granted, had he read TheLines, he’d have looked at the value of Belgium instead of the boring and obvious pick of Germany, but that’s neither hier und nicht dort. Murphy did what all other non-Trump/Christie politicians do: he went the safe route and dropped a Jackson on Germany.

Let the good times troll

After Germany lost to South Korea in stoppage time Wednesday, a defeat that left many in Duetchland violently screaming that it was, ”Jena and Auerstedt all over again!,” Christie decided to dig in. Murphy had lost his $20 futures bet. Quote Christie: Gov. Murphy didn’t respond to TheLines’ request for a witty comeback, mostly because we didn’t ask him for one. But if we had, rest assured, it would’ve been some OTR jab at Christie’s weight.