New Jersey Lawmakers Aim To Allow In-State College Betting With New Bill

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Written By Giovanni Shorter | Last Updated
New Jersey College Betting

A new sports betting measure to allow betting on in-state college teams in New Jersey has been presented. Despite being one of the biggest betting markets in the industry, New Jersey has restrictions on college betting. NJ sportsbooks are not allowed to offer odds on any in-state NJ collegiate program or any college sporting event taking place in the Garden State. The new measure would change things, but past efforts show this is not an easy task.

New Jersey College Sports Betting Bill Details

The measure is ACR 140, and it would amend the state constitution to permit sports wagering on all college sport or athletic events. The measure has been introduced and referred to the Assembly Tourism, Gaming and the Arts Committee.

Lawmakers have attempted this before. In 2021, locals were opposed to the idea, with 57% voting ‘No’ on the ballot question and ending the push for a change. With the measure being a constitutional amendment, residents would have to vote in favor in order for the measure to become law. If residents aren’t for in-state college betting, then the measure has no shot.

Will Voters Back The New Bill?

New Jersey is home to eight D1 collegiate teams that locals would embrace and wager on. However, the risk of the integrity of the game being compromised is a real concern for residents and lawmakers. When the measure failed to pass in 2021, bill lobbyist Bill Pascrell III stated that he was not surprised the measure failed.

“I lobbied hard to get this on the ballot, but I couldn’t convince the industry to wage a campaign,” said Pascrell. “I am not at all surprised that it failed. All polling showed it upside down. It failed because not many voters knew it was on the ballot, and many also didn’t understand the question. This is, unfortunately, a missed opportunity for the industry that can’t be revisited for three years.”

Proponents of the measure would have to do a better job of lobbying the public on the benefits of allowing in-state college betting. The measure is aiming to make the November ballot. Lobbyists have between now and the November elections to sway the public in favor of ACR 140.