Speaking Sports Betting: The NBA Is Already Talking The Talk

Chops May 15, 2018
Steve Kerr

One completely and totally underreported story in yesterday’s historic Supreme Court sports betting decision is how this will all affect the lexicon and lingo of owners, coaches, and athletes.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr wasted all of a few hours before throwing point spread talk into a press conference (the Warriors were a 1.5 point dog and won handily). Not that most players and coaches aren’t aware of if they’re favored or not, but it will certainly make for more interesting post-game interviews after back-door covering a line with a pointless last second 3-pointer. “You know DA, I hated that the Cavs were such heavy favorites so eff off to everyone who bet them, that’s why I drained the 3 at the end.”

Owners understand the issues and benefits

Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis went on CNBC to wax poetic on the benefits of the ruling, in particular calling out “underground” betting as being significantly larger than legal betting and how this can help the game’s integrity.

As TheLines already pointed out, Mark Cuban also brought up the importance of integrity and specifically how susceptible kids at, say, a small community college could be to fixing. As seen in Europe with lower ranked tennis players and soccer leagues, the less an athlete earns, the more at risk they can be to tampering.

But what about Al Michaels…

Hopefully, TV announcers will take a cue from Al Michaels and weave more spread-talk into their commentary.

Slogging through a Cleveland Browns vs. Buffalo Bills game can be brutal enough, but since betting makes everything more fun to watch, focusing on the line and over/under instead of the inevitable errant Josh Allen passes at least provides an extra angle to cover.

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