NBA Schedule Tool: Teams With Biggest Rest Advantages This Week

Written By Mo Nuwwarah on October 31, 2021 - Last Updated on February 9, 2022
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One method to help identify NBA best bets requires diligently tracking each team’s travel schedule to monitor fatigue levels. As the season wears on, some teams will find themselves enjoying significant rest advantages over their opponents. The betting market has not always properly valued these spots on the NBA schedule, as a study by ESPN showed.

Here at TheLines, we have put together a weekly NBA handicapping tool to help make sure you are factoring rest advantages into your bets.

Bookmark, and navigate under the Odds tab then NBA to find this Rest Advantages column every day to make sure the teams you’re betting don’t have tired legs. 

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NBA Best Bets Schedule Tool

We’ve split the advantage spots into three categories:

  • mild (still meaningful)
  • medium
  • hot spots (biggest edges of the week)

For the latter category, we’re looking primarily for NBA teams with multiple days off against those playing the second half of back-to-backs, especially as part of three games in four nights. Even better if the rested team plays at home.

None of this is to say you should necessarily blindly bet these games. Always keep in mind the best practices of betting the NBA.

Just make sure the line reflects the rested team’s advantage. We’ll keep track of the results of these games in this weekly article to see how the rest advantage teams fare.

Note: Game lines will be added to this sheet as they become available. So, make sure to check in on game day each time you are thinking of making bets. Additional injury and overtime notes may be added on game days as well.

Hot Spots

Unlike last week, where there were several hot spots, no hot spots this week. Just part of the ebbs and flows of the NBA season. Check back next week.

Record so far this season: 2-2, -0.2u

Medium Rest Advantages

DateTime (ET)Disadvantage TeamAdvantage TeamCurrent Advantage Team Line
Sun Oct. 317:30 p.m.Detroit@Brooklyn
Mon Nov. 17 p.m.Portland@Philadelphia
Wed Nov. 38:30 p.m.Dallas@San Antonio
Wed Nov. 310 p.m.Charlotte@Golden State
Thu Nov. 47 p.m.Philadelphia@Detroit
Thu Nov. 47:30 p.m.@AtlantaUtah
Thu Nov. 47:30 p.m.Boston@Miami
Fri Nov. 57 p.m.@DetroitBrooklyn
Sat. Nov. 68 p.m.Philadelphia@ChicagoTBD
Sat. Nov. 68:30 p.m.Boston@DallasTBD
Sat. Nov. 610:30 p.m.@PortlandLA LakersTBD


Nets at Pistons: Detroit goes home-road-home for a three-in-four and finishes a back-to-back set traveling to Brooklyn. The Nets will be on one day of rest.


Trail Blazers at 76ers: The Blazers travel from Charlotte to Philly for the first two games of an East Coast trip, back-to-backing and finishing a third-in-four. The Sixers have one day’s rest.


Mavericks at Spurs: Dallas has Sunday and Tuesday games at home then makes a very short trip to San Antonio for the third-in-four. The Spurs will be on one day of rest.

Hornets at Warriors: The Hornets do get a day off before starting a West Coast road trip in Golden State as the final game of three-in-four. However, the Warriors get three days off before this one.


76ers at Pistons: Philly gets the first two of three-in-four at home but travels to Detroit to finish a back-to-back. The Pistons have one day of rest.

Jazz at Hawks: The Hawks travel home from Brooklyn for the second half of a back-to-back and third-in-four, hosting the Jazz, who travel on one day’s rest.

Celtics at Heat: Boston has a short trip, the Orlando-to-Miami back-to-back, but it’s the last of a third-in-four. The Heat host on one day’s rest.


Nets at Pistons: Detroit finishes a three-game home stand in four days with a back-to-back, hosting the Nets on one day’s rest.


76ers at Bulls: Philly travels between all three games in four days, finishing in Chicago after one day of rest. The Bulls will be off two days’ rest.

Celtics at Mavericks: Same as above, with the Celtics going to Dallas. It’s also their fourth game in six days.

Record so far this season: 2-4, -2.4u

Mild Rest Advantages

DateTime (ET)Disadvantage TeamAdvantage TeamCurrent Advantage Team Line
Sun Oct. 313:30 p.m.@DallasSacramento
Sun Oct. 317 p.m.Utah@Milwaukee
Mon Nov. 17 p.m.Cleveland@Charlotte
Mon Nov. 17 p.m.@IndianaSan Antonio
Mon Nov. 17:30 p.m.Toronto@New York
Mon Nov. 18 p.m.Denver@Memphis
Mon Nov. 18 p.m.Orlando@Minnesota
Tue Nov. 29 p.m.@UtahSacramento
Wed Nov. 37 p.m.Portland@Cleveland
Wed Nov. 310 p.m.@SacramentoNew Orleans
Fri Nov. 510 p.m.New Orleans@Golden State
Fri Nov. 510 p.m.@SacramentoCharlotte
Sat Nov. 610 p.m.Atlanta@PhoenixTBD


Kings at Mavericks: The Mavericks get a day’s rest before finishing a third-in-four against the Kings, on one day’s rest themselves.

Jazz at Bucks: Both teams are back-to-backing but the Jazz are on the road for all games of this three-in-four.


Cavaliers at Hornets: Charlotte plays a home back-to-back to wrap a third-in-four, with the Cavaliers also playing their third-in-four on a day’s rest.

Spurs at Pacers: The Pacers have a day off at home before wrapping up this third-in-four. The Spurs come in with one day of rest.

Raptors at Knicks: Toronto travels between all three games to wrap this third-in-four, but both teams have a day off prior.

Nuggets at Grizzlies: Same as above.

Magic at Timberwolves: Same as above.


Kings at Jazz: Both teams have a day off before this game in Utah but the Jazz are playing their third-in-four.


Trail Blazers at Cavaliers: The Blazers finish their East Coast trip in Cleveland. Both teams are off the day before but the Blazers wrap the grueling trip with their third-in-four.

Pelicans at Kings: Both teams are back-to-backing but the Kings play their third-in-four at home.


Pelicans at Warriors: Both teams get a day off before this game in Golden State but the Pelicans wrap three road games in four days.

Hornets at Kings: Again, both teams get a day off but this time it’s the home Kings wrapping a three-in-four. They don’t travel, at least, having played the previous game at home.


Hawks at Suns: The Hawks finish a road-home-road three-in-four with one day’s rest at Phoenix. The Suns also have one day’s rest but are ending a three-game home stand.

Record so far this season: 4-5, -1.5u

NBA Lines

If you enjoyed our NBA schedule tool to help identify rest edges in your search for NBA best bets, make sure to shop the best lines available for each game in your state below. Click the odds to navigate to the sportsbook and make a bet.

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