2024 NBA Draft Lottery Odds & Probability Table To Win No. 1 Overall Pick

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NBA Draft Lottery Odds

The NBA will use its restructured draft lottery system for the sixth time on Sunday evening. The format shrunk the worst team’s chance of obtaining the top selection from 25.0% to 14.0%. Those alterations instantly altered the order in 2019. The Pelicans and Grizzlies were tied for the seventh-best lottery odds before rising to No. 1 and No. 2 overall. In turn, they picked cornerstone pieces in Zion Williamson and Ja Morant. Let’s break down where the 2024 NBA Draft Lottery odds are stationed.

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NBA draft lottery odds

how does draft lottery work?

The lottery procedure occurs in a separate room — minutes before the national broadcast tips off on ESPN. Fourteen ping-pong balls, numbered 1 through 14, are placed in a lottery machine.

It’s officially underway when 14 balls are placed in the lottery machine, stirred for roughly 20 seconds, and the first is withdrawn. The remainder of them are jumbled in the lottery machine for another 10 seconds before the second ball is drawn. The team that is appointed this combination will receive the No. 1 pick. That process is replicated with the same ping-pong balls and lottery machine for the second through fourth picks.

Once they’re removed, 1,000 of the possible 1,001 combinations are assigned to the 14 lottery teams.

NBA Draft Lottery odds for each franchise, based on data from Tankathon.com, are shown in the chart below. You will also find which teams may acquire certain picks. depending on where the lottery balls align.

Consensus betting odds have the Pistons and Wizards tied for the highest probability of acquiring the No. 1 overall pick. Although NBA draft odds aren’t available yet, mock drafts have international star Alex Sarr projected as the first player off the board.

Lottery Pick-By-Pick Probability


NBA Draft Lottery Scenarios

  • Raptors’ pick will be sent to the Spurs if it lands outside the top six
  • Jazz’s pick will be sent to the Thunder if it lands outside the top 10
  • Nets’ pick will be sent to the Rockets
  • Rockets’ pick will be sent to the Thunder if it lands outside the top four
  • Warriors’ pick will be sent to the Trail Blazers if it lands outside the top four

How To Watch NBA Draft Lottery

When: 8:30 p.m. ET, Sunday, May 12

Watch: ESPN

Which Team Drafts Bronny James?

LeBron James’ son was invited to the NBA Draft Combine while maintaining his collegiate eligibility. There’s still a chance he’ll wind up back at the D-I level after a rocky freshman campaign. However, FanDuel Sportsbook stationed the Lakers as +140 favorites to draft him, correlating with the notion of his father staying in Los Angeles.

This betting market will void if Bronny James doesn’t declare for the 2024 NBA Draft or goes undrafted.