Most Bet Super Bowl Teams and NFL MVP By State

Written By Nate Weitzer on September 10, 2021
most bet super bowl teams

The NFL season kicks off on Sept 9 and fans from across the country are racing to their favorite online sportsbooks to place bets on the potential Super Bowl champion and MVP. But who are the bet Super Bowl teams and most bet players to win MVP in your state?

These Futures markets, which are available at BetMGM Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook among others, have drawn some curious trends from residents of different states.

In this article, we analyze how the action is breaking down in states with legal online betting.

For a more detailed look at 2022 Super Bowl odds, read our team-by-team breakdown.

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Most Bet SUPER BOWL Teams at BetMGM By State

Across America, the most bet Super Bowl teams at BetMGM by tickets (number of bets) and handle (monetary value of bets) are coming in on defending Super Bowl champion Buccaneers to repeat. However, there is some variety within legal sports betting states.

StateMost Bet Team By Ticket CountMost Bet Team By Handle
All StatesBuccaneeersBuccaneeers
New JerseyBuccaneeersBuccaneeers
Washington DCChiefsWashington
West VirginiaChiefsBrowns

Super Bowl FUTURES Notes

Despite having superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, only West Virginia and Washington D.C. have seen more tickets on the Chiefs (). But in West Virginia, the Browns () have generated the most handle, and the Washington Football Team has generated the most handle in our nation’s capital. 

Tennessee residents have oddly placed the most bets on the 49ers () to win the Super Bowl. Perhaps the state should be re-nicknamed Niner Nation East. 

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Most Bet NFL MVP FUTURES at BetMGM By State

Many of the usual suspects top the race for 2021 NFL MVP at BetMGM, with Patrick Mahomes () atop the odds board, followed by reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers and young gunslinger Josh Allen (). Allen has drawn the most tickets across America, but Mahomes has drawn the most handle.

However, there sure is some variety within legal sports betting states.

StateMost Bet MVP By Ticket CountMost Bet MVP By Handle
All StatesJosh AllenPatrick Mahomes
ColoradoJosh AllenPatrick Mahomes
IndianaJosh AllenTrey Lance
MichiganMatthew StaffordMatthew Stafford
New JerseyJosh AllenAaron Donald
PennsylvaniaJosh AllenJosh Allen
TennesseeDerrick HenryPatrick Mahomes
West VirginiaPatrick MahomesPatrick Mahomes


In a strange trend, Indiana has seen the most handle on 49ers rookie QB Trey Lance, who is still mired in a competition with incumbent Jimmy Garoppolo.

New Jersey has seen the most handle on three-time Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donald (), although Lawrence Taylor was the last defensive player to win MVP back in 1986. This is possibly skewed by a bet BetMGM has reported on Donald to win MVP that would pay out $100,000 at +20000 odds.

Finally, in a vote of low confidence in their hometown franchise, Michigan residents have placed the most tickets and handle on Matthew Stafford to win MVP (). A former No. 1 overall pick, Stafford was traded to the Rams for fellow former No. 1 pick Jared Goff (), and Michigan residents seem to believe that the talented veteran will thrive under coaching wunderkind Sean McVay.

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