Monkey Knife Fight Promo Code & Review

October 29, 2019

Monkey Knife Fight jumped into real money-based sports gaming space following the Supreme Court decision striking down PASPA in May 2018. The site offers contests with a structure steeped in daily fantasy salary but much different from traditional contests.

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Monkey Knife Fight Review
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Monkey Knife Fight’s contests are based on player propositions. Users attempt to predict whether a certain benchmark, typically statistical in nature, will be either surpassed or fall short during a sporting event. Entries can be made on a team- or individual-player level.

MKF’s contests are based on potential in-game statistical milestones that could be conceivably met by individual athletes, or by a combination of multiple athletes in the same event.

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Monkey Knife Fight currently offers a 100% instant deposit bonus up to $50 for new players. Creating an account on the site is free and easy. Simply click the orange “Sign Up” button at the top of the homepage and submit all required personal information.

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The appeal of Monkey Knife Fight’s format

The relative simplicity of Monkey Knife Fight’s contests makes for a straightforward, nonintimidating point of entry for a novice player.

Entering MKF contests on common in-game statistics makes it sporting events entertaining for all participants, irrespective of experience or knowledge.

Another attractive aspect of Monkey Knife Fight’s contest structure is it negates the need to evaluate and then track an entire slate of actual sporting events. That’s typically the case with traditional daily fantasy sports (DFS) sites.

Traditional DFS contests require participants to select players from multiple teams playing on a given day to form their lineups (except for the single-game slates that have come to exist in recent years). With Monkey Knife Fight, participants can choose to focus on as little as one game.

Moreover, Monkey Knife Fight also offers participants a choice on buy-in amount for each contest. And, in some contests, they can select the multiplier rate that would apply on that amount to determine the potential payout.

TeamCaesars Odds2018-19 Record
Auburn 20/130-10
Florida State50/129-8
Iowa State60/123-12
Michigan State12/132-7
Mississippi State100/123-11
NC State100/124-12
North Carolina20/129-7
Ohio State75/120-15
Seton Hall100/120-14
Texas A&M100/114-18
Texas Tech30/131-6

Deposit bonuses can be utilized to play in Monkey Knife Fight contests but are not eligible for cashing out. The site also emphasizes that deposit bonuses can be reclaimed if unused after one month. Also, they become invalid if a user circumvents site rules by opening up more than one account.

Depositing and Withdrawing at Monkey Knife Fight 

Depositing of funds

The process for depositing funds on Monkey Knife Fight is simple.

Users must log in to their account and select the “Add Funds” link to the right of their account balance. They then select a deposit method — credit and debit cards are the currently accepted methods of funding accounts — and enter the deposit amount. The minimum deposit is $10 with a maximum of total deposits of $1,000 per day, $5,000 per week and $10,000 per month.

Withdrawal of funds

Monkey Knife Fight users wishing to withdraw funds from their account can select the “Withdraw” button located within their “My Account” page. Withdrawal requests must be a minimum of $20 and usually processed within three to five business days.

As with most real money-based sports gaming sites, Monkey Knife Fight credits withdrawals via the original payment method first. Any remaining funds are then sent by the method specified by the user during the withdrawal process. 

Monkey Knife Fight abides by all applicable US tax laws. All users with $600 or more in net winnings for a calendar year must provide a valid mailing address and a Social Security number for tax reporting purposes.

Monkey Knife Fight ensures that all player funds are segregated from business operational funds.

DFS Contest Functionality

Miscellaneous contest-related logistics

Monkey Knife Fight offers a variety of contests based on actual events or matches in a variety of sports.

The site does not feature any salary cap-based contests like DraftKings, FanDuel or similar DFS sites. Participants are not playing against peers, but rather, against previously selected statistical milestones that are set by the site, and in some cases, selected by the participants themselves from a limited group of provided options.

Contest cancellation contingencies

Monkey Knife Fight cancels any contest in which any of the athletes selected by the contest participant ultimately fail to play. Participants receive a full refund of their entry fee in such instances upon official confirmation the athlete did not participate in the event.

As per the site’s FAQ section, such determinations are made utilizing the following criteria for each sport:

  • NFL: The player is inactive for the game.
  • NBA: The player plays zero minutes in your contest (full or half).
  • NHL: The player has zero time on ice.
  • Soccer: The player has zero time on the pitch.
  • Golf: The player does not record any stats in a round.
  • MLB: A player does not start.

The same provision applies for athletes that are subject to trade after the inception of that day’s contest and therefore do not suit up for the team they were on when the contest participant selected them in.

Editing of lineups

Monkey Knife Fight users are unable to edit entries in Over/Under, Stat Shootout and Rapid Fire contests after submission. However, contest entries can be canceled up to 30 minutes before game time from the user’s “Dashboard” page.

Contest amount limits

Monkey Knife Fight users are not limited to entering any specific number of contests in a given slate of games. The only limitations are those naturally imposed by the user’s bankroll.

Self-exclusion and self-imposed deposit limits 

Monkey Knife Fight offers its users the ability to voluntarily exclude themselves from playing on the site within a time frame ranging from a minimum of 30 days to permanently. The site also offers users the option of setting daily, weekly, monthly or yearly deposit limits.  

Monkey Knife Fight software

Monkey Knife Fight features a clean, user-friendly interface for both its desktop and mobile-optimized version. The latter features mobile optimization for all pages within the site.

A window within the homepage immediately greets visitors with an invitation to “Play Prop Games. Win Money.” The concise call to action is consistent with the site’s overall messaging of offer fun and easy-to-master contest format that can result in big payouts.

A “Click Here To Win Money” button in the same area leads users to the main lobby. This is were participants can find that day’s real-world sporting events and corresponding Monkey Knife Fight contests.

Once in the lobby, entering a contest is as simple as clicking on the tab for the desired sport near the top of the page and then making a selection of a specific real-world sporting event. Users are then shown the full list of contest types available and can proceed to click on the ones they want to enter to complete the participation process.

Contest participants can track the progress of all of their entries through the site’s live scoring feature.

Monkey Knife Fight’s site also features the following vertical listing of links along the left side of the lobby page:

  • New game
  • Sign up
  • Log in
  • Promotions
  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy policy
  • Responsible play
  • FAQ

There is presently no mobile app for the site, although one may be made available in the future.

Available sports on Monkey Knife Fight

Monkey Knife Fight offers contests based on most major sports. Presently, the site offers contests on NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, soccer and golf.

Types of games at MKF

The site offers three main contest types: Stat Shootout, Rapid Fire and Over/Under.

Stat Shootout: Participants choose a team of players from a list that will accumulate the most of the stats the user selects, e.g., touchdowns, home runs or 3-point shots. Then, users choose a target goal for that stat and track the athlete’s progress through the site’s live scoring feature. If the user’s team exceeds the goal, they win the prize shown prior to entry.

Rapid Fire: Participants select their team by choosing the highest-scoring player in multiple head-to-head matchups in statistical categories. Those selections will need to outscore the unselected players in their head-to-head matchups. Whenever a selected player gets additional points added to their score during a matchup, it will be green (ex: +14.5). When participants choose the coinciding posted number of matchups correctly, they win the prize shown prior to entry.

Over/Under: Participants select their team by choosing the over or under for a group of player predictions presented. Participants selecting the correct coinciding number of tiers will win the prize shown prior to entry.

Sports-specific contest offerings

Additionally, there are multiple contests tailored to statistical milestones that are possible to reach within each sport’s game or match. They are based on conventional rules.

For example, clicking on any MLB game reveals not just the three main contest types, but additional options such as:

  • Home Run Derby: Select three players and then select from one of the three-goal tiers specifying the minimum number of home runs the players will combine for in that game. The higher the goal, the higher the entry fee multiplier that applies as a potential prize. If the three players combine for more than the selected goal, the applicable prize is awarded.
  • Total Base Race: Select three players and then select from one of the three-goal tiers specifying the minimum number of total bases the trio will accrue during that game. If the three players combine for more than the selected goal, the applicable prize is awarded.

Other MLB contests that follow the same principle include Batting Champ, Hit Parade and Counting Ks. A similar selection of contests — particular to the statistical format of each sport — is available for other Monkey Knife Fight sports contests.

Monkey Knife Fight typically offers two versions of Over/under and Rapid Fire. The conventional version requires that all selected athletes hit the preselected statistical benchmarks to win a prize.

However, a secondary version of these contests only requires that two of three selected athletes reach their benchmark for the participant to qualify for a prize. In these instances, the predetermined prize multiplier is lower than the conventional version of the contest.

The entry fee and payout structures

The site’s main contest types typically offer entry fees ranging from $2 to $500. Prize multipliers on these entry fees are usually pre-set at amounts beginning at two times.

Then, sport-specific Monkey Knife Fight contests allow participants to choose from three different payout multipliers. Payout multipliers increase depending on the difficulty of the statistical goal the contestant selects.

Let’s utilize the aforementioned Total Base Race as an example.

Contestants have the option of choosing goals of 7.5 bases, 8.5 bases or 10.5 bases as the benchmark for the contest. The corresponding prize multipliers on buy-in fee for those benchmarks are 1.5x, 2.0x and 3.0x, respectively. The amount of potential winnings naturally increases in direct proportion to the increase in the goal to be reached.

Where can I play Monkey Knife Fight? 

Per its website, Monkey Knife Fight accepts sign-ups from players that are at least 18 years of age and a resident of an approved US state (AK, AR, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, IL, KS, KY, MA, MD, MI, MN, NE, NH, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, WV, WI, WY).

All registered users are required to supply identification information including their name, residential address and date of birth.

The provision regarding multiple accounts

As per site policy and state-level regulations, it is strictly forbidden to open multiple Monkey Knife Fight accounts. The site’s fraud team investigates any such instances, and confirmation of a violation will lead to the closure of any related accounts.

Monkey Knife Fight also prohibits the use of email addresses, credit cards or PayPal accounts across multiple site accounts.