Missouri Session Ends With Sports Betting Bill On Informal Calendar

Written By Giovanni Shorter on April 6, 2023
Missouri Sports Betting

The Missouri Senate completed an eight-hour session discussion surrounding SB 30, a potential sports betting bill. During the meeting, there were 12 proposed amendments, six of which were passed. There was also heavy debate surrounding the potential inclusion of video lottery terminals (VLTs), which included a filibuster in the form of reading Ronald Reagan’s biography. Yes, you read that correctly.

Let’s break down the latest in the convoluted world of Missouri sports betting legislation.

Missouri Session Recap

The standout event during this session was the debate surrounding VLTs. Sen. Denny Hoskins has been advocating for the inclusion of VLTs in any sports betting legislation. Last year, the Senator filibustered to prevent sports betting legislation that did not include these grey machines. This resulted in the session ending without a vote on the measure.

Hoskins attempted to present a bill earlier in the year that included language to legalize VLTs. That measure was voted against. Hoskins was not done as he advocated for the inclusion of VLTs in the current measure. The committee voted 20-11 against the amendment.

Hoskins was determined to work against the legislation from that point forward. He was even heard saying “Are you pulling this or am I talking for three more hours?” Hoskins proceeded with a filibuster that included reading a Ronald Reagan biography. This enraged those both in the Senate and local Missourians.

More Details From The Meeting

An agreement between local sports teams and casino operators also occurred during the meeting. Casinos agreed to purchase official league data while sports teams agreed to not host in-stadium casinos.

An amendment went through to increase the funding for problem gambling programs. Initially, funding was set at $1 million annually. The amendment increased this total to $10 million.

The measure was requested by bill sponsor Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer to be placed on the informal calendar. This means the measure is “reported favorably out of committee and when turn comes up for consideration it is debated on the floor of the originating house,” per the Missouri Senate.

This request was approved and now the measure awaits a full vote on the Senate floor at a later date. The main concern for this measure is whether or not lawmakers can convince Sen. Hoskins to stand down.

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