New Poll: Minnesota Residents Support Legal Sports Betting

Written By Giovanni Shorter on September 19, 2022
Minnesota Sports Betting

A new poll led by Mason Dixon Polling and Strategy and analyzed by APM Research Lab shows that local Minnesota residents are in favor of legal gambling on professional sports. The Minnesota sports betting survey ran from September 12 to September 14, 2022 and confirmed that:

  • 48% support it
  • 33% are opposed
  • 19% are unsure

This is in stark contrast to a recent California sports betting poll that showed potential voters leaning against legalized sports wagering.

Minnesota’s Sports Betting Journey

The North Star State attempted to pass sports betting legislation in 2022 with HF 778. The bill passed in the House of Representatives, but ultimately was unsuccessful in gaining traction in the Senate. The legislative session ended without the bill advancing further.

The survey breeds some optimism as lawmakers could be swayed by the public’s views. The majority of surveyed Minnesotans supporting legalized gambling on sports is a significant win for pro sports betting legislators. There is likely to be another bill presented in 2023.

Who Supports Minnesota Sportsbooks?

APM Research Lab broke down the demographics of the survey, revealing exactly who is in favor and who opposes sports betting in Minnesota. When divided by gender:

  • Male residents: 50% in favor, 32% opposed, 18% unsure
  • Female residents: 46% in favor, 35% opposed, 20% unsure.

Interestingly, residents between the ages of 35-49 were the most in favor of Minnesota sportsbooks. Within this age group:

  • 52% were in favor
  • 31% opposed
  • 17% unsure.

The 18-34 group saw:

  • 44% in favor
  • 41% opposed
  • 15% unsure

The older betting crowds, 50-64 and then 64+ were also more in favor than the youngest demographic. 50-64 saw:

  • 48% in favor
  • 36% opposed
  • 16% unsure.

The 65+ demographic saw:

  • 47% in favor
  • 28% opposed
  • 26% unsure

Political affiliation did not show much difference in support of betting. 50% of Republican residents were in favor and 53% of Democratic residents were in favor. Independents saw 40% in favor, 38% opposed and 22% unsure.

Does This Mean Minnesota Sports Betting Will Pass?

The survey will likely be used by those in favor of Minnesota legalized sports gambling as research during presentations. These legislators could site this survey to show that residents want betting so it’s only right for lawmakers to pass betting.

While this does not guarantee the Senate will be swayed to pass a bill in 2023, this does help to argue for those in favor.

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