Michigan Sports Betting Rules You Need To Know

Posted By Derek Helling on January 20, 2021
Michigan sports betting rules

With the launch of legal online sportsbooks in the Great Lakes State, it’s natural to be excited to get started. However, there are some rules for online Michigan sports betting that you should be familiar with before you dive in.

There are the basics, for instance you have to be at least 21 years of age to gamble. There are also some more involved rules that you might not be aware of but are just as important.

Michigan sports betting rules: The basics

Besides the minimum age requirement, there are two other basic tenets that govern whether you’re eligible to legally wager on sporting events in Michigan. Those are:

  • You must be physically within the borders of the state to place bets
  • You cannot bet if you’re on any gambling self-exclusion lists

While you can register for an account with a Michigan sportsbook – and deposit funds into your account from anywhere, you have to be somewhere in MI to actually put your bets down. Sportsbooks use geolocation software to locate you before they will actually accept your wagers.

On the other point, MI law requires all gambling licensees to participate in its responsible gambling protocols. That includes online sportsbooks.

They can’t allow anyone on a self-exclusion list to register an account. On top of that, they can’t market themselves to anyone on the list, either.

So, those are the basics. But there are some other rules that might apply to you in certain situations.

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Why you may be ineligible to bet on certain events

Michigan law does limit some bettors’ activities in certain cases. The most common examples of these limited individuals are:

  • People who work for a gambling company that offers sports betting
  • People who work for a sports team or certain vendors
  • People who own a certain amount of equity in either a book or team

In Michigan, special stipulations apply to you if you own at least 5% of a sports team. These sections of the law bar you from wagering on any events that the team is part of, as you may have access to insider information.

Along the same lines, you may have insider information if you work for a sportsbook as well. Thus, the state considers you ineligible.

A simple rule of thumb in these situations is if in doubt, don’t fill the ticket out. You’re better off erring on the side of caution here.

For most Michiganders, the only three stipulations are age, location, and responsibility. As long as you can check all three of those boxes, you’re good to go.

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