Michigan Hosts Panel Discussion On Future Of College Sports Betting

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Michigan Sports Betting

The Michigan Gaming Control Board hosted a panel discussion where the primary topic was college sports betting. Representatives from the NCAA spoke alongside reps from BetMGM, Integrity Compliance 360 (IC360), and the FBI. Michigan is home to close to 100 colleges and universities, making the topic of college sports betting a major one for the Great Lakes State.

Michigan Gaming Control Board Panel On College Betting

The MGCB panel discussion covered the rules and regulations surrounding college sports betting, as well as how operators and legislators work to maintain the integrity of the game by monitoring Michigan sportsbooks. Panel members also covered the best way to prevent student-athletes from participating in illegal gambling.  

“The Michigan Gaming Control Board is dedicated to fostering a transparent and compliant gaming environment, particularly in the realm of college sports betting,” said MGCB Executive Director Henry Williams. “By hosting this panel discussion and engaging with NCAA Division I collegiate officials involved with overseeing compliance, talking about ways in which we might be able to work together to prevent student-athletes from illegally gambling, we aim to uphold the highest standards of integrity and responsibility.”

Michigan is one of five markets that allow betting on college player props. The risk of student-athletes participating in illegal betting activity is real, and Michigan continues the discussion to ensure they are on top of things.

The NCAA has advocated for a nationwide ban on college player props, and some markets have already banned them, including Louisiana. Michigan has given no indication that it will join the trend.

Why Isn’t Sports Betting And Gambling Discussed In Schools?

Dan Trolaro, co-managing Director of Education and Training Services at IC360, raised an interesting point during the discussion. Trolaro highlighted that schools discuss the dangers of drugs and alcohol with students, but there isn’t any curriculum focused on the dangers of gambling.

Research has found that young adults between the ages of 18-24 are more at risk of developing gambling problems. With the risk, why haven’t schools begun viewing gambling as a legitimate concern to warn young people about?

Student-athletes, in particular, are at risk of being swayed to illegally wager and risk interfering with the integrity of the game. There have already been reports of student-athletes participating in nefarious sports betting activity. Trolaro believes that education should begin earlier.

Why These Discussions Are Important

The integrity of college sports is extremely important. With the growing popularity of sports betting, that integrity will continue to be tested throughout the years. Finding and curating new avenues to ensure the safety of students and that integrity is intact is important. Michigan has thus far avoided any major sports betting scandal involving its local schools.

If the MGCB continues to approach the sports betting discussion this thoroughly, it can remain in a position to protect students and the integrity of college sports.

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