How Michigan Sports Betting Fans Can Live Bet On 2023 NFL Draft

Written By Giovanni Shorter on April 27, 2023
Michigan 2023 NFL Draft Betting

The NFL Draft kicks off tonight at 8 p.m. ET and sports betting fans in Michigan can live wager on the event. The Michigan Gaming Control Board has updated its Sports Wagering Catalog to include live betting on the NFL Draft. Sportsbooks will be able to host odds for pick-specific wagers throughout. The condition set is that wagers must be placed two picks prior to the selection.

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More Ways To Wager On NFL Draft In Michigan

In previous years, Michigan sportsbooks only allowed for wagers to be placed before the draft began. Sportsbooks would be cut off from accepting wagers on the draft after 8 p.m. on draft night. Now, bettors can continue wagering throughout the festivities.

With this update, fans can wager on the draft in three different ways. These are as follows: pre-draft offers, round-specific offerings, and pick-specific offerings.

Pre Draft Offerings

Pre-draft offerings involve wagers like who will be the first pick, pick order (first, second, third, exact order), number of players drafted from Alabama, etc. All pre-draft wagers must be placed before the first pick of the draft.

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Round Specific Offerings

Round-specific wagers must also be placed before the first pick of the draft. These wagers involve what will happen during a given round. For example, how many total linebackers drafted in the first round, if a given player will be taken in the second round, will the Detroit Lions select a QB in the third round, etc. These are wagers specifically surrounding draft rounds.

Pick Specific Offerings

Pick-specific or selection-specific offerings are wagers that must be placed ahead of the pick, at least two picks prior. This is the live betting portion now allowed with Michigan NFL Draft betting. Examples of these kinds of wagers include betting on who will be the No. 15 pick or No. 30 pick in the draft. These are the only forms of live betting options that will be made available.

NFL Draft Betting Details

Of course, there are a lot of options when it comes to betting on the 2023 NFL Draft. Michigan fans will see options like betting on draft position over/unders for specific athletes. There are also odds for position totals like how many WRs will go in the first round.

Bettors can wager on which round a specific player will be taken in, draft head-to-head wagers with multiple players, and also find draft exact order parlays available. The 2023 NFL Draft will have no shortage of betting options for players.

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