Which Pro Sports Franchise Would You Buy With a Winning Mega Millions Ticket?

Written By Marc Meltzer on October 22, 2018
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The Mega Millions jackpot on Tuesday, Oct. 23 will be an all-time high of $1.6 billion.

Winning the Mega Millions is a pipe dream and it’s getting even more difficult according to the Washington Post. The newspaper reminds us that last year lottery officials changed the rules and odds to make winning Mega Millions jackpots larger and more difficult to win.

Whatever. It’s always been difficult to win the Mega Millions. So, what’s the big deal? Lottery officials or newspapers don’t have to worry about people trying to win the next big jackpot. There will be plenty of people will be buying lottery tickets with visions of grandeur.

Winning a huge lottery prize can be a blessing and a curse. People will come out of the woodwork looking for money. There will even be people looking to do harm to the winners. One of the safest ways to protect your newfound riches might be to commit to investing the money.

Buy an NFL team

The $1.6 billion Mega Millions prize could go a long way to buying a professional sports franchise. Sorry football fans, the only franchise NFL you’ll be able to afford with your jackpot win is the Buffalo Bills.

They are the least valuable NFL franchise at $1.6 billion on the annual Forbes NFL franchise value list. The Bills Mafia might be fun, but living in the land of lake effect snow might not. Another pro sport might be a better option.

Buy an MLB team

Baseball and basketball fans will have their choice of franchises to purchase with the $1.6 billion Mega Millions prize. There are 17 Major League Baseball franchises valued at $1.6 billion or less according to Forbes.

After a great season as runner-up in the National League, you might have to fork over more than the $1.03 billion the Milwaukee Brewers were valued at earlier this year. Have no fear, the Mega Millions jackpot should give you a little more than the Forbes value.

Here’s a list of the Major League Baseball teams you can buy if you win the $1.6 billion Mega Millions prize

  • Texas Rangers – $1.6 Billion
  • Chicago White Sox – $1.5 Billion
  • Seattle Mariners – $1.45 Billion
  • Toronto Blue Jays – $1.35 Billion
  • San Diego Padres – $1.27 Billion
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – $1.26 Billion
  • Detroit Tigers – $1.225 Billion
  • Arizona Diamondbacks – $1.21 Billion
  • Baltimore Orioles – $1.2 Billion
  • Minnesota Twins – $1.15 Billion
  • Colorado Rockies – $1.1 Billion
  • Cleveland Indians – $1.045 Billion
  • Milwaukee Brewers – $1.03 Billion
  • Oakland A’s – $1.02 Billion
  • Kansas City Royals – $1.015 Billion
  • Cincinnati Reds – $1.01 Billion
  • Miami Marlins – $1 Billion
  • Tampa Bay Rays – $900 Million

Buy an NBA team

The NBA is probably the hottest professional sport in the United States right now. You’ll be able to afford one of 20 teams if you win the $1.6 billion Mega Millions prize. Even as sales prices increase there are still more NBA franchises valued at less than $1.6 billion than any other league according to Forbes.

You might not be able to pry the 76ers away from their owners but the Pelicans and Grizzlies might not be too difficult to acquire with your newfound riches. Here are the 20 NBA franchises that you can afford with your $1.6 billion from Mega Millions.

  • San Antonio Spurs – $1.55 Billion
  • Toronto Raptors – $1.4 Billion
  • Sacramento Kings – $1.375 Billion
  • Washington Wizards – $1.35 Billion
  • Cleveland Cavaliers – $1.325 Billion
  • Portland Trail Blazers – $1.3 Billion
  • Phoenix Suns – $1.28 Billion
  • Oklahoma City Thunder – $1.25 Billion
  • Orlando Magic – $1.25 Billion
  • Utah Jazz – $1.2 Billion
  • Philadelphia 76ers – $1.18 Billion
  • Indiana Paces – $1.175 Billion
  • Atlanta Hawks – $1.15 Billion
  • Denver Nuggets – $1.125 Billion
  • Detroit Pistons – $1.1 Billion
  • Milwaukee Bucks – $1.075 Billion
  • Minnesota Timberwolves – $1.06 Billion
  • Charlotte Hornets – $1.05 Billion
  • Memphis Grizzlies – $1.025 Billion
  • New Orleans Pelicans – $1 Billion

So, who ya got?!

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