Vermont House Rep. Matt Birong: “This Is The Best Chance” For Sports Betting

Written By Giovanni Shorter on February 7, 2023
Vermont Sports Betting Bill

State lawmakers entered the 2023 legislative session with the intent to have legal sports betting in Vermont. With that in mind, H. 127 was presented in the State House. House Rep. Matt Birong (D), the bill’s sponsor, spoke with to discuss this bill and the potential sports betting market in the Green Mountain Sate.

Matt Birong: VT Sports Betting Bill Long Time In The Making

Birong presented H. 127 following a Sports Betting Study Committee research project. Rep. Birong was a part of this committee and based this measure on the recommendations of the committee. Birong expressed, however, that the push for sports betting in Vermont has been brewing for years.

“It’s a conversation that has been floating around our State House for probably about four years … The Senate put a provision in an economic development bill to do a legislative study off session,” said Birong. “In the House, I am the legislator who primarily deals with liquor and lottery. And so our speaker’s office tasked me with being a member of the study committee.”

“As a result, I put the bill together,” he continued. “I guess this is a multiyear process of getting legislation moving forward to meet the concept.”

The measure would allow for both online sports betting and retail sports betting locations in Vermont. Vermont borders three legal markets: New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Both NY and NH host retail and online betting options. Online sports betting in Massachusetts is slated to go live starting in March. Retail sports betting in Mass. is already open.

With Vermont being the odd one out in the region, Birong views now as the best chance for a bill to pass.

“I would say this is the best chance it’s had,” he said, as to whether other lawmakers are as motivated to pass the bill.

When Would Sports Betting Launch In VT?

The session is still in its early stages. H. 127 would need to be discussed, likely amended, and then put to a vote in both the House and Senate before it can pass. This process makes setting a definitive timetable difficult. According to Rep. Birong, if all things go well sports betting could become a reality ahead of this upcoming NFL season or ahead of Super Bowl 58.

“If it were to navigate its way through and be signed into law … best case scenario, fastest route to market, probably the beginning of next football season, if not next Super Bowl,” said Birong “That’s TBD depending on what our operators are capable of putting together.”

Vermont locals could see a sports betting market go live within the year. This is an exciting time to be a sports betting fan in the Green Mountain State.

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