MGC Extends Deadline For Diversity, Kiosk Studies

Written By Giovanni Shorter on February 28, 2023
Massachusetts Sports Betting Study

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has elected to continue its diversity studies for longer. The initial deadline for the commission study was December 31, 2022. Lawmakers have determined they need more time, and thus the study is extended. Retail betting has already gone live in Massachusetts beginning on January 31, with mobile sports betting scheduled for March 10.

The extended study also includes one for retail betting kiosks and their impact on Massachusetts. Both studies will continue despite the market already being in the swing of things.

Massachusetts’ Diversity Push

Included in the original regulations for sports betting in MA is a study to be conducted surrounding diversity. The study is to be completed by the MGC according to regulations. Commissioners did submit their findings for both the diversity and kiosk studies on December 29, 2023, but ultimately determined more time was needed.

When the MGC submitted its initial findings, a letter was issued to the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies. The MGC is aiming to see the effects post-launch. Commissioners state they need more time to research and assess the industry.

“As required by the new law, this study should address the feasibility, and the potential economic, public health, and safety impacts of such a decision,” read the letter from the MGC. “It should include a discussion and/or evidence-based recommendations that address whether to do so and how to do so in a way that will maximize benefits and minimize negative consequences, including ways to understand and incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion considerations for retailers, consumers, and communities.”

When Wil The Studies Be Concluded?

There has not been a set date announced for when the studies will be completed. Mobile sports betting apps will go live and following this, the commission will be able to assess the market better. In addition, the MGC is looking for a company to complete the kiosk study as well. The commission wants to focus on the impact of such kiosks in non-gaming settings such as bars and restaurants.

Currently, nine markets allow for sports betting kiosks, including both Maryland and Ohio which recently went live. The research for this will carry over for at least a few weeks into the Massachusetts sports betting market.

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