Maryland Official Wants Online Sports Betting Within Three Months

Written By Giovanni Shorter on October 4, 2022
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John Martin, the Director of the Maryland Lottery, announced a potential timeline for the launch of Maryland sportsbook apps. The goal is to see MD sports betting live online within three months. Martin spoke during the VIXIO Gambling Compliance webinar.

During the event, he confirmed the aim to go live in 2022 with November being a possibility.

Mobile Sports Betting In Maryland

The Maryland Sports Wagering Application Review Committee (SWARC) has been making progress towards the mobile launch since allowing for rolling application approvals. This would see sportsbooks be granted licenses in a staggering manner. With a rolling launch, SWARC is able to hasten the launch of Maryland mobile sportsbooks.

At the webinar, Martin confirmed the target goal was before the end of the calendar year. While retail sportsbooks are live in Maryland, lawmakers will surely want to capitalize on the NFL season with mobile sportsbooks.

“I am confident there will be mobile wagering in the state of Maryland in 2022,” said Martin.

Timeline For Maryland Sportsbook Apps

SWARC has announced the deadline for sports betting applications as October 21, 2022. The commission will have 45 days to approve licenses once submitted. Before licenses are awarded, the Maryland Lottery will have to approve the internal controls for each operator. This entails the Maryland Lottery testing technologies and other operator qualifications.

With the rolling launch approved, online sportsbooks in Maryland will be able to go live without waiting on all operators to be approved. This speeds up the process for locals to get their hands on mobile betting apps.

First, sportsbooks will have to submit their betting applications by the deadline. Second, approvals will likely be handed out in November. Third, sportsbooks will gain testing approvals from the Maryland Lottery. And finally, sportsbooks will begin launching in a rolling manner. This timeline could see Maryland mobile sportsbooks live in November.

“If SWARC approves licenses in early November, we could potentially begin online sports betting in late November,” said Martin. “If SWARC approves licenses in mid-November, we could potentially get online sports betting up and running by early December.”

Maryland bettors could begin wagering online ahead of the NFL playoffs and college football bowl games. This is an exciting time for Maryland sports betting.

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