NFL Week 13 Look-Ahead Lines: 49ers Open As Rare Underdogs At Eagles

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NFL Week 13 look ahead lines

NFL Week 13 look-ahead lines are out. And a 49ers team that has been speculated as a favorite over anyone on a neutral field has opened as a road underdog. Naturally, they’re playing one of the other strongest teams, a Philadelphia unit coming off a huge Week 11 road win over the Chiefs that solidified their position atop Super Bowl odds.

Every week, usually on Friday, will post look-ahead lines for the following week’s games, pulled from NFL betting sites. These sportsbook odds give an early snapshot of the current market opinions of teams absent the week-to-week bias that can take hold following weekend results. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for info on how to use them.

NFL Week 13 Look-Ahead Lines

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Week 13 NFL NFL Primetime Games

Thursday Night Football Odds

Are the Cowboys this far behind the 49ers? That’s the main question coming out of this look-ahead line, considering the 49ers hit -7 on the road against these same Seahawks, while Cowboys odds sit below the key number at some sportsbooks.

Obviously, the Seahawks have a major test in Week 11. If they can beat the 49ers at home, then this number likely holds below +7 on Seahawks odds. However, another 49ers walkover against a team they have dominated of late would probably signal Seattle will have a tough time competing here against a team built in much the same fashion.

Sunday Night Football Odds

Again, we see a market that isn’t giving one of the teams much respect. In this case, it’s Green Bay. Packers odds are getting the full +7 at home here in spite of a Week 11 road matchup with Detroit, where they’re +7.5. And that Thanksgiving game means they’ll even have extra rest here. Green Bay has been playing better football since its offensive line returned to something resembling full health, and a strong showing against the well-regarded Lions on national TV would probably nudge this market toward the Pack.

Monday Night Football Odds

The luster has come off this one, with Joe Burrow manning a clipboard for the rest of the season. What was once a close line (opened Bengals -1 in preseason look-ahead markets) now has Jaguars odds laying the full -7 in some spots. London aside, the Jaguars have fallen flat in most of their big spots this year, and they’ll have another this weekend at Houston in a key divisional battle.

Most of the line movement here will come in response to Jake Browning’s maiden voyage as an NFL starter, though. Browning’s history — an undrafted free agent toiling for multiple seasons on practice squads — isn’t promising. He did make some throws in relief of Burrow on Thursday Night Football, though. Given his excellent supporting cast, he’s probably not hopeless. If he looks dreadful, though, Bengals odds probably move north of the key number.

Jaguars Upcoming Schedule

Miami Dolphins 11 – 6 – 0 Week 1: Sep. 8, 2024
Cleveland Browns 11 – 6 – 0 Week 2: Sep. 15, 2024
Buffalo Bills 11 – 6 – 0 Week 3: Sep. 23, 2024


Falcons At Jets

This game opened with the Jets favored in some spots, but a quick influx of Atlanta money moved Falcons odds to favorite status. The Jets have made a QB change as well, with Zach Wilson benched in favor of longtime backup Tim Boyle. Certainly, the market has not voiced a lot of support for the move, slamming the Dolphins all the way to -10 in Week 11 after an opener around -6.5. If Boyle looks completely overmatched, we may see the Falcons -3 here by this time next week.

49ers At Eagles

Multiple market-derived sources have the 49ers as the clear best team in the NFL, a full point ahead of the Chiefs and Eagles. With the rest advantage countering some of the Eagles’ home-field advantage for the this matchup, we’d expect to see something close to a pick’em, or perhaps Eagles odds at -1 at most.

Yet, 49ers odds could be found as high as +2 immediately after markets opened at some sportsbooks.

This will be the Eagles’ third consecutive marquee game against a would-be Super Bowl contender as well. And with both teams having big Week 11 matchups, they’ll each have the chance to influence this market. But, don’t expect the Eagles to climb any higher unless San Francisco’s injury issues crop back up. This team looks like a juggernaut when healthy.

2023 Eagles Player Stats

Player GP Games Played CMP% Completion Percentage YDS Passing Yards YDS/G Yards Per Game YDS/C Yards Per Completion TDS Passing Touchdowns INT Interceptions thrown RTG Passer Rating
Player GP Games Played INT Interceptions PD Passes Defended FF Fumbles Forced FR Fumbles Recovered SACK QB Sacks TOT Total Tackles SOLO Solo Tackles AST Assisted Tackles


The look-ahead lines allow you a sneak peek at the projected lines for the following week’s games. This information from a leading sports betting site will help provide lessons in understanding lines and projections before the current week’s games are played.

Many bettors tend to overreact to the previous week’s scores and results. The NFL Week 13 look-ahead lines provide a sense of stability from the oddsmaker. They sometimes offer a clear, unbiased snapshot of perceived team strength.

Bettors can also gain an edge or find value in the lines once the weekend results take hold. See if you can find any over- or under-reactions by the market.

Of course, always take note of key injuries, travel and scheduling situations, and NFL power rankings. Adjustments are part of the process, along with accounting for teams’ strengths and weaknesses, against-the-spread angles, and personnel matchups.