League of Legends Worlds Grand Final Betting Preview: Samsung Galaxy vs. SK Telecom T1

Written By Laurence Stanley on November 1, 2017 - Last Updated on January 22, 2018

[toc]The grand final of the 2017 League of Legends World Championships is almost here, after teams from around the world have spent weeks fighting for their chance to win the title.

This Saturday at the Beijing National Stadium — the“Bird’s Nest” — two teams will clash in a best-of-five brawl in an attempt to take home The Summoner’s Cup. Along with the trophy, there’s over $1.5 million in prize money for a first-place finish. Runners up will receive just over $500,000.

The two teams in contention are SK Telecom T1 and Samsung Galaxy. The two teams have a fair bit in common. Not only have they found themselves in the grand final of the biggest LoL event of the year, but they have both been close favorites to win the tournament from day one.

Where you can bet on LoL worlds?

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The LoL finals teams

The two teams, both of Korean origin, are no strangers to one another. In 2016, both teams reached the grand final of worlds. After five maps of intense back-and-forth action, SK Telecom T1 secured a win with a final series score of 3-2. It was SK’s third win at the Worlds, having beat Koo Tigers in 2015 and Royal Club in 2013.

At odds of 1.50 vs Samsung Galaxy’s 2.63 with Bet365, SK Telecom T1 is favored to win this year’s event for its fourth Summoners Cup.

The teams last played each other in August, when SK took a seamless 3-0 win at the LoL Champions Korea Summer Split. Previous to that however, Samsung Galaxy picked up three consecutive wins against SK.

A closer look at Samsung Galaxy

  • Top: CuVee
  • Jungle: Ambition
  • Mid: Crown
  • ADC: Ruler
  • Support: Wraith
  • Coach: DoGGi
  • Sub: CoreJJ

Make no mistake, Samsung Galaxy is still an incredibly powerful team and has everything going for it. The team is currently second behind SK in the overall team rankings.

The last major event that Samsung Galaxy played, it came out with a first-place finish in the LCK Regional Finals. Up against KT Rolster in the grand finals, SK took a 3-0 win.

Crown and Ruler have been one of the tournament’s biggest success stories after pushing the team through some of its more difficult spots. They will need to keep up this performance and work seamlessly with the rest of the team to get past Bang and Faker at SK.

Coupled with its recent win at the LCK Regionals and previous experience against SK Telecom T1, Samsung Galaxy should be feeling fairly confident in the final on Saturday.

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A closer look at SK Telecom T1

  • Top: Duke
  • Jungle: Blank
  • Mid: Faker
  • ADC: Bang
  • Support: Wolf
  • Coach: kkOma
  • Sub: bengi

SK Telecom knows what it takes to win The Summoner’s Cup. It’s done it three times already and is the bookmakers’ favorites to win it again.

In terms of its recent performance, it’s had much more stable recent results than Samsung Galaxy. In October alone, it won seven out of eight games played. Despite the loss against Ahq E-sports Club, Bang and Faker have been two of the most dominant players on the team this year and are arguably the most feared in all of the LoL pro scene.

The grand final will prove to be no easy match for either team. Both have what it takes to win the tournament, even if SK has a more impressive track record.

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