Legal Sports Betting News: Florida Sports Betting Gains Big Win; Will It Re-Launch?

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Written By Giovanni Shorter | Last Updated
Legal Sports Betting

This week in sports betting news saw major developments in the Florida sports betting case. West Flagler’s request for a rehearing has officially been denied by the D.C. Circuit Court. This now opens the door for the return of Florida sports betting, currently a monopoly authorized by the state government via compact with the Seminole Tribe, which owns the Hard Rock sportsbook app. Elsewhere, Kansas sportsbooks have been live for one year today. And over in Missouri, lawmakers are looking for state vote on sports betting.

Let’s break down all the recent sports betting news in the industry.

Florida Sports Betting Hopes Revitalized

West Flagler’s appeal initially seemed as if it had some legs after the DC Court ordered a response from the Seminole Tribe of Florida. However, those hopes for West Flagler have been stunted as the court officially denied the request.

This does not mean that the legal battle between the Seminole Tribe and West Flagler is over. However, this is a major win in favor of the Seminoles and it appears they anticipate a full-on victory in the near future.

West Flagler is likely to bring the case to the Supreme Court. They will have 90 days to request this appeal. As for the Seminole Tribe, the issue of mandate will take place in seven days. This would allow the Seminoles to launch sports betting as the court’s decision will be set. However, West Flagler is likely to move for a stay of mandate.

A stay of the mandate would put a pause on the case until the Supreme Court can take up the case (should they take the case). At the earliest, Florida sports betting won’t return until December. This victory is still a major win in the Florida betting case.

A Look At Kansas Sports Betting After One Year

On the one-year anniversary of the launch of Kansas sports betting, the market has seen some success. Sportsbooks have seen $1.85 billion wagered in the first 12 months and took in $166.4 million in revenue as of August 2023. The Sunflower State has raked in $7 million in taxes during that period.

The mobile betting favorite in Kansas for the first year was DraftKings Sportsbook. DK raked in $753.5 million in the first 12 months of Kansas betting. DraftKings also saw $67.8 million in gross revenue. FanDuel came in second with $56.12 million in gross revenue. BetMGM rounded up the big three with $21.9 million in gross revenue.

All in all, Kansas can say they started strong in the sports betting industry.

Missouri Looks For New Strategy For Launch

Lawmakers are looking to place the issue of Missouri Sportsbooks on the 2024 ballot. After failing to pass in 2022, and seeing the success of neighboring Kansas, Missouri legislators are eager for a local market.

Missouri failed to pass sports betting earlier in the year in a chaotic fashion. This included a filibuster to prevent a vote. The issue of Video Lottery Terminals has been the major hold-up in the legislature. Meanwhile, close to 14 million attempts to place bets in Kansas have been made in Missouri according to GeoComply.

There is clearly a local desire for sports betting. Additionally, local teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs have voiced their displeasure with Missouri failing to have a local market. Therefore, lawmakers have four separate petitions to include betting on the ballot.

Could this be the moment sports betting advances in the Show-Me State?