LeBron Doesn’t Make LA Lakers La Favorites; Cleveland’s Odds Rocked

Written By Chops | Last Updated
LeBron James is now a Laker. So much for the odds-halting uncertainty from earlier in the day Sunday. The Lakers are now, inexplicably, second favorites (along with the Boston Celtics) to win the ’18-19 NBA title. They’re listed at 7/2 odds at the Westgate in Las Vegas. This is a terrible price. Given the Lakers’ “other” free agent signings on Sunday (Lance Stephenson, KCP, Flotsam and Jetsam), they no longer have the pieces and salaries to feasibly trade for Kawhi Leonard or outright sign Boogie Cousins. As great as The King is, a team trotting out LeBron, Lonzo, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma in crunch time might not be favored to win a playoff series, let along win a title. But yeah, the Lakers are a public team with some seriously over-confident fans, so 7/2 odds seems about right.

Poor Cleveland

First of all, Cleveland is in way better shape post-LeBron than back in 2010. They still have Kevin Love (stop laughing). Collin Sexton is promising. He’s got potential to be a top-tier point guard in 4-5 years. OK, they’re screwed. Vegas seems to think so too, listing them at 500/1 title favorites post-Decision 3.0.

As for the Warriors?

11/12 favorites. The interesting side effect of LABron is that it removes a viable challenger to the Warriors relentlessly boring path to a three-peat. The Cavaliers could maybe pull off a trade or find a piece that could give them a chance. Yeah, they were swept in the Finals this year, but two games came down to the wire and they were one boneheaded JR Smith play away from stealing the first game and series momentum. The Lakers, as currently constructed, aren’t even close. And they’re in the Western Conference. That sound you hear is bottles popping already in the Bay.