West Flagler Targets Florida Sportsbook And Other Sports Betting News

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Written By Giovanni Shorter | Last Updated
Florida Sports Betting News

Recent sports betting news around the industry includes a motion filed to suspend the newly re-launched online sports betting market in Florida. Meanwhile, the North Carolina Lottery Commission has revealed its second round of sports betting rules. Also, Arizona becomes the latest market to tackle the DFS pick’em game issue.

Let’s break down all the recent sports betting news ongoing in the industry.

Florida Vs. West Flagler Continues

Yesterday, locals rejoiced as Hard Rock Bet returned to bring online sports betting in Florida. The re-launch came as a surprise not only to fans but also to West Flagler. West Flagler is currently embroiled in a legal case with Florida surrounding the online sports betting issue.

Despite the mobile sports betting return being completely legal, West Flagler has filed a motion to suspend the product. However, the likelihood of this motion being granted is low. With the stay mandate denied by the U.S. Supreme Court, Florida has the legal right to launch its online product.

“Taking advantage of the distraction created by their carefully crafted announcement on Nov. 1, the Tribe has sought to surprise the petitioners and this court by presenting a ‘fait accompli’ on Nov. 7. It has indeed taken live bets as of today,” wrote Raquel A. Rodriguez, counsel for West Flagler.

West Flagler stated to the Florida Supreme Court that it would file said motion should online sports betting launch. This was always a possibility once the motion for a stay mandate was denied by the U.S. Supreme Court. West Flagler seems poised to fight the Florida sports betting case on every front.

North Carolina Sports Betting Rules Approved By Committee

The Sports Betting Committee in North Carolina has approved a second round of sports betting rule proposals. These rules include setting up a wagering accounts process, auditing, internal controls, and advertising and marketing rules. The committee voted unanimously to approve said rules, and now the public has until Nov. 27 to comment.

The proposed rules also relate to general wagering and parimutuel horse racing betting. The focus this time around has been more on how the industry will shape itself. A look at house wagering rules, disciplinary actions, and a focus on in-person facilities is available for comment.

With the rules shaping up, residents are only one step closer to the launch of North Carolina sportsbooks. There is still no definitive timeline for a launch, but the market must be live by June 2024.

Arizona MoVes To Ban Pick’Em Fantasy Apps

The Arizona Department of Gaming has become the latest set of regulators to go after DFS pick ’em-style games. Lawmakers ordered operators like PrizePicks and Underdog to stop running their products in a cease and desist letter.

“The disputed wagers are not fantasy sports contests because a key piece of a fantasy sports contest is that participants create teams and compete against one another in simulated games,” wrote Andrea Milford, Assistant Director of Compliance. “The disputed wagers do fit squarely within the definition of event wagering. So, they may only be offered by properly licensed event wagering operators.”

Arizona joins markets like Florida, Mississippi, Michigan, Maine, and New York, which have made recent moves targeting these popular DFS operators. The trend seems a long way from ending as more markets go after these game types.