Lights On: Vegas Soccer Club Partnering With Sportsbook Is The Future

Written By Marc Meltzer on June 15, 2018

On Wednesday, Major League Baseball told sportsbooks and casinos that their ad dollars aren’t welcome on their TV network. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, a United Soccer League team welcomed a sportsbook operator to the party. The Las Vegas Lights Football (soccer) Club announced a partnership with sportsbook operator William Hill.

The partnership is a fairly simple one. Las Vegas Lights fans that sign up for a new William Hill account with a $100 deposit and use the promo code “LIGHTS” will receive a $5 free bet. A 5% new deposit bonus may not seem like much but it’s more than some other sports betting apps in Las Vegas offer. It’s also a unique offering that no other sportsbook operator has implemented.

Partnerships between professional sports leagues and franchises and sportsbooks aren’t a big deal around the world. However, the United States has been very…very…very slow to adapt to sportsbook and casino operators. MLB isn’t the only league that has issues with sportsbook operators. The NFL has been fighting with itself over the years about accepting advertising from casinos.

Ironically, the same leagues are very cool with DFS ownership and partnerships. Things will change with the leagues as legal sports betting expands and takes shape. The major leagues in the US will be forced to open their minds with regards to sportsbook and casino partnerships as sports betting continues to become more popular around the country.

Las Vegas Lights football club is fun

The partnership with William Hill isn’t their first with a casino. If you watch Las Vegas Lights games on in person or YouTube, you’ll see signage for the Plaza Casino in downtown Las Vegas. The Plaza not only advertises at the stadium but they’re home to post-game parties. Players can also win casino chips from the Plaza for scoring goals. The Lights are lit! They’ve also partnered with NuWu Cannabis Marketplace. This is how you operate a team in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Lights and William Hill

It’s probably not a coincidence that the Las Vegas Lights announced this new partnership with William Hill. The sportsbook operator handles the sportsbook at The Plaza. William Hill is one of the few sportsbook operators in Las Vegas who offer lines for Las Vegas Lights USL games. They actually offer pre-game wagering, in-game wagering, and futures for the entire league. The Las Vegas Lights are currently 60-1 to win the championship.

These partnerships the Lights has with William Hill can be seen as groundbreaking. No other team or league have been so focused on enhancing the in-game environment for fans through gambling. Earlier this year the owner of the Lights, Brett Lashbrook, was giddy when speaking with The Lines about in-game betting at their matches.

The names may change around the country but the casino, sportsbook, and legal marijuana partnerships could be a sign of the future of professional sports marketing.

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