Kentucky Wagering Regulations Ban ‘Risk-Free’ Language

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Written By Giovanni Shorter | Last Updated
Kentucky Sports Betting

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission has posted the emergency regulations for the upcoming sports betting market. These regulations can be viewed and commented on by the public for a time before they are confirmed. Among them are rules surrounding sports betting advertising and promotional language. Terms like risk-free or free bet can’t be used by Kentucky sportsbooks.

Gambling Advertising Trend Reaches Kentucky

The ban on risk-free terminology follows a growing trend in the industry. Ohio and Massachusetts acted swiftly in this manner as well. The American Gaming Association has also updated its guidelines to state that these terms should not be used.

Why? Risk-free language is considered deceptive and dishonest. Many of the best sports betting sites would use similar language for promotions in the past. Although these promotions claimed to be risk-free, bonuses would only be accessible following a real cash stake.

The regulation reads: “Promotions or bonuses shall not be described as free or risk-free if those promotions or bonuses require the patron to incur any loss or risk the patron’s own money to use or withdraw winning from the free wager.”

Sportsbooks must agree to follow these rules when incorporating promotions. Otherwise, they’ll face the risk of hefty fines.

Kentucky Betting Regulations Examined

The posted regulations covered a plethora of topics. Fixed horse racing and dog racing odds are prohibited. This news is unsurprising since Kentucky is a major horse racing hub. Parimutuel horse racing is the backbone of many prominent racetracks in the Bluegrass State. It appears to be a way of protecting operators.

Kentucky sports betting regulations will even allow operators to host eSports odds. It joins Nevada, New Jersey, Tennessee, and West Virginia as the only markets to do so.

However, the rules clarify that wagers can only be placed on sporting events. That means locals can’t wager on such things as the Oscars, NBA Draft, Heisman Trophy winner, and so forth.

Application Process Breakdown

Operators will need to pay a $500,000 licensing fee to gain market access. The application process will include the fees and explaining to the commission how they will handle voluntary self-exclusion as well.

Additionally, players who are at high risk of gambling addiction can place themselves on the self-exclusion list to be unable to access odds. Each operator will need to offer ways residents can enroll on the list. If regulators are satisfied with the methods, they can move forward with the applications.