Why Kansas Sports Betting Apps Ask To Verify SSN, DOB, Identity

Written By Evan Scrimshaw on September 1, 2022
kansas sports betting apps

Yes, Kansas sports betting apps are going to ask to verify your identity. With the KS sports betting launch on September 1, there is another uptick in questions about the verification systems used to make sure sportsbooks are secure. These provisions – generally known as Know Your Customer (KYC) – will be required during Kansas launch when you sign up for a new account.

Here’s why.

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What Are The Kansas Sports Betting Apps Verification Methods?

Legal sports books need, in addition to an email to sign up with and a bank account to deposit from (and, ideally, withdraw to), more information to ensure they’re meeting the legal requirements.

Daily Fantasy operations have long required proof of identity, usually in the form of name, address, and some form of identification, so that the integrity of their games is met and their service is secure. In the same way, legal sports books need to ensure the same.

To be able to function in the legal betting market, operators need a way to ensure they’re not letting minors bet or letting people manipulate their offers, so they require proof of ID. Generally either in the form of a SSN or a Drivers License, people will have to confirm their identity.

How Secure Is This Information?


While this information is necessary for the functioning of the legal sports betting market on their end – to preclude underage betting or scams – it’s also crucial for protecting users.

For users to get the advantages of the legal market, the legal operators have to know who they are, and if they don’t, then the advantages of using reliable, honest players in the market goes away.

There’s a reason why DraftKings and FanDuel have made the transition from the Daily Fantasy space to the betting one – and that fact should inspire confidence. That these sites have run KYC before without issue is crucial, as it should enable confidence moving forward.

Keeping your information secure is a crucial task for these sportsbook, and they know it. Once they verify who you are, they have no need for the information – but they have every incentive to make sure it’s handled responsibly.

Are These Measures Necessary?

Know Your Customer regulations are a crucial part of ensuring a legal sports betting market. If the market is to be regulated, government regulators, including those requiring Kansas sportsbook identity verification, are not going to accept that they may be licensing operators who, through malice or indifference, break the regulations.

These regulations are broadly the same as those for sports betting and legal poker in Canada and sports betting in Australia and the UK. There is no risk to the customer here, and only downside if the legal market cannot function.

In non-regulated markets, the risk of not being paid for winning bets – especially if it’s a particularly profitable one – is very real, and even beyond that, the legal market has killed the onerous bonus structures that often meant nobody ever actually getting their money.

American sports bettors should rest easy knowing that the legal market has an impressive track record of protecting user data and ensuring better outcomes for bettors, and Know Your Customer is just one step in that process. Without it, the legal market wouldn’t be able to protect bettors – and that’s the ultimate goal.

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