Juan Soto Trade Rumors: Futures For Top Potential Destinations

Written By Ryan Minion on July 19, 2022
juan soto trade rumors

After reportedly declining a 15-year, $440 million extension, Juan Soto trade rumors are picking up during the All-Star break, ahead of August 2 MLB trade deadline.

Despite not being eligible for free agency until after the 2024 season, many MLB Insiders say Washington should entertain trade offers from a number of potential suitors willing to offer monster packages to secure the 23-year-old baseball superstar.

Let’s explore some of those rumored teams and where their odds sit at the All-Star break in several futures markets. Click on any of the odds below to bet now. 

Juan Soto Trade Rumors

Debates are ongoing as to whether the Nationals will actually trade Soto by the August 2 deadline, given he’ll still be under team control in Washington trough the 2024 season.

ESPN baseball insider Buster Olney spoke of some possible Soto suitors who could put together an appealing package.

San Diego Padres

According to Olney, many insiders around baseball think that the Padres could certainly be one of the teams in the mix for Soto. Olney spoke of the San Diego Padres and the organization’s extremely deep farm system, indicating that “one of the prospects who could be on the table is CJ Abrams”.

Abrams is a left-handed young shortstop prospect whose 6-foot-2 frame and exceptional athleticism make him one of the most promising young prospects in all of baseball. Given that Fernando Tatis Jr. looks to be the Padres starting SS for many years to come, Abrams’ name has been thrown around often in recent days.

MLB insider Hector Gomez cited Abrams as the “exact type of young, highly-ranked prospect that might interest the Nationals”, asserting that adding a lefty bat to go along with Machado and Tatis would make them “immediate World Series Contenders”.

San Francisco Giants

Another name atop the list for potential trade destinations for Soto is the San Francisco Giants. Since the retirement of Buster Posey, the Giants have been a contender in World Series odds but without a “face for their franchise”, according to a talent scout close to the team.

The Giants are without an elite bat in their lineup, which could be very problematic for the organization’s near future. The Giants have one of the top farm systems in the MLB, making them one of the more realistic trade candidates in the Soto sweepstakes.

Given the likes of big-time hitters like SS Marco Luciano and OF Luis Matos, in addition to young starting pitching talent like Kyle Harrison, the Giants are one of the few teams in baseball able to offer a strong prospect package.

What Is Juan Soto Worth To A Team’s Odds?

How much could Soto move their futures price? For that we asked BetMGM sports trader Christian Cipollini.

“He’d be a decent move for most teams. Yankees are +325, and they’d probably go around +275/+250. Same with the Dodgers and Astros. Mets and Braves they’d be +600 probably,” Cipollini told TheLines. “For the middle of the road teams, a +4000 would probably be +2500. In the unlikely event he ends up on a longshot team, it wouldn’t end up changing much. Phillies, for example, I wouldn’t see it being as big of a jump since it’s a team with plenty of hitting talent but still lacking pitching.”

Regardless, Cipollini sees the magnitude of a young talent like Soto hitting the trade market. How does is worth relative to futures odds compare to a top-end pitcher?

“Juan Soto is about as big of a high-end batting talent that will ever end up on market mid-season,” he said. “That makes a comparison between a good pitcher on the market a bit difficult. A high-end pitcher is going to be more significant, in general, just due to the nature of the game in the playoffs. Pitching becomes the most important thing.”

Precedent for Moving a Player Like Soto

Rosenthal named the Detroit Tigers’ 2007 blockbuster trade for Miguel Cabrera as “the most parallel deal to Soto”.

Commonly referred to as one of the most lopsided deals in MLB history, the Tigers only gave up Burke Badenhop, Frankie De La Cruz, Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, Mike Rabelo, and lifelong minor leaguer Dallas Trahern.

The Offer Soto Rejected

Soto’s talent is unquestioned. In nearly 2400 MLB at bats, Soto has an impressive .427 On-Base Percentage and .540 slugging percentage. Despite Soto’s unbelievable efficiency statistics throughout his near five-year career with the Nationals, they have failed to make the postseason in each of the two seasons since winning their first World Series in 2019 and likely won’t again in 2022.

MLB Insider Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic indicated Soto was primarily looking for a deal that was both 10 years long and would make him the most guaranteed money in MLB history. He reported the Nationals made three proposals, with the most recent to pay him all $440 million over a 15-year period, an offer that would have made him the highest paid player in league history.

According to Rosenthal, the deal did not include any deferred money, and was a departure from the team’s usual practice, but he said the deal was “heavily back loaded” into the offer’s final six seasons.

The proposal would have given Soto nearly $30 million per year with the deal extending from ages 24 to 38, which would likely make him a National for the rest of his career.

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