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Jock MKT DFS Bonus Code and Review

Updated August 2022


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Jock MKT is not legal in Washington,
Idaho, Montana, Nevada.

  • Claim up to $250 deposit match welcome bonus
  • Completely new way to bet on sports
  • Legal in most states

Jock MKT is a bit different from most other DFS sites. It combines a sportsbook and a trading platform — as if Caesars and eToro had a baby. Sign up with Jock MKT today, enter the Jock promo code PLAYBONUS250, and you’ll receive a 100% deposit match up to $250.

You don’t just pick a winning team and wait for the outcome. You make bids on shares in players, wait for games to start, and buy and sell your shares in an exchange.

Such an app is certainly worth trying out, and new players will get a 100% deposit bonus of up to $250 when they sign up for the first time.

NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA and NASCAR are all available on the Jock MKT (think “market”). To find out more, check out the rest of our Jock MKT review below.

Jock MKT promo code for December 2022

Jock MKT offers its new customers a welcome bonus. Enter the Jock MKT promo code PLAYBONUS250, then you just have to make a deposit over $20 and you’ll get a 100% match up to $250.

Daily Fantasy Sports SiteJock MKT
Jock MKT Promo CodePLAYBONUS250
Welcome Offer100% deposit match up to $250
Last VerifiedDecember 2022

What DFS contests can I play?

Unlike most standard DFS sites, Jock MKT lets you buy and sell shares in specific players, just as you might buy and sell shares in specific companies. The first stage in the process is the IPO, the initial purchase offering. It’s at this point that you bid on the players — much like an initial market offering in stocks, or at an auction. The highest bidders are those who ultimately receive shares in the players.

The IPO ends when the games begin, which is also when the in-game trading starts. You can buy and sell your shares in players, depending on how you think they’re performing. The prices go up and down as games go on, fluctuating just as they would in a stock exchange.

Jock MKT has two variations on this trading format:

  • Market
  • Contest

Let’s take a look at each.

Jock MKT market game

The market format allows you to buy in with different amounts between $10 and $10,000. It also lets you cash out of the game anytime after the IPO. If you’re getting bored with the trading, you can simply sell out and move on.

Jock MKT contest game

In the contest format, everyone gets to buy in for the same price and get the same number of “chips,” a stand-in currency that’s supposed to help level the playing field. However, once the game is over, you receive a rank based on the number of chips you’ve managed to accumulate through your trades. Once the ranking is done, Jock MKT pays out prizes.

What is Jock MKT — what sets it apart?

Most DFS apps work like a standard fantasy league. You pick a team of players, they play, and if you picked a winning team, you get some money. Sometimes you get quicker versions that focus on a specific game, for instance. But ultimately, they all have this format.

Jock MKT, on the other hand, models itself on a stock market — hence the name jock “market.” You can win in Jock MKT by your investments — i.e., players — performing well. Or by trading your players well — i.e., making shrewd deals.

Yes, Jock MKT is legal, safe and legitimate. The company has been in operation since late 2020, with headquarters in Boston.

While it’s a new company, the app and platform are already available in 35 states. In each state, though it’s a DFS-type platform, it still has to follow strict regulations and laws.

Because Jock MKT is widely available across the US, it’s easier to list those states where it isn’t legal. Currently, Jock MKT is not legal here:

  • Washington
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada

Jock MKT can operate elsewhere, though in some states it isn’t yet licensed to do so. Currently, here are the states where Jock MKT doesn’t have a license:

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • Michigan
  • Indiana
  • Tennessee
  • Louisiana
  • Missouri
  • Iowa
  • Arizona

Everywhere else, you can sign up and start playing on Jock MKT.

Downloading the Jock MKT app

Getting the Jock MKT app is essential if you want to use the platform. You can’t download a legitimate version of the app for desktop computers, whether that’s Mac or Windows.

While this is a shame, it’s not a massive issue: Most of you are likely betting on your phones anyway, and you’d rather not be chained to a computer outside of work hours.

The Jock MKT online app is available on iOS and Android phones. Here’s how to get it:

  • Go to the Jock MKT via your phone’s internet browser.
  • Scroll down the homepage until you reach the “Download now!” section.
  • Select either the App Store link or the Google Play link, which will take you to the Jock MKT download page on the appropriate store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can make an account and start trading.

Using the Jock MKT mobile app is easy. Checking the markets, making your trades and all-around site navigation all operate smoothly. The white and green color scheme is clean, which lends the app a feeling of calm. Overall, we’d say the app is up there with the other big DFS platforms.

Jock MKT: Creating a new account

There’s no option to try out a market or have a trial run at Jock MKT. So if you’re only wanting to play some test games before you commit, that’s not possible.

In reality, that’s not much of a black mark against Jock MKT. Almost no sportsbook or DFS gives you demo versions, though plenty of online casinos will let you demo games.

Making a Jock MKT account is a quick process, which requires you to simply fill out a form:

  • Go to the Jock MKT homepage.
  • Select the “start trading” button.
  • Complete the registration form.
  • Be sure to enter the best Jock bonus code PLAYBONUS250.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be a full market trader. You can buy low, sell high, run on a short and hedge against the forecasts.

How does Jock MKT benefit experienced players?

If you’ve played a lot of daily fantasy sports before, then you’ll be somewhat familiar with the general principles. This can definitely help when it comes to making your first purchases.

If you’ve got a lot of sports knowledge, that will also help. Some of the DFS platforms cater to more casual sports fans, people who may not be clued up on the stats of every NBA point guard or NFL linebacker. Jock MKT isn’t like this. If you’ve got better sports knowledge, then you’ll have a better idea about which players to pick sooner, and which might underperform.

Lastly, you might be inclined to think you need stock trading knowledge to play Jock MKT. We can tell you, categorically, that you don’t. It won’t help your overall Jock MKT strategy to have experience on retail trading platforms. The Jock MKT platform is designed to be easy to use and for you to learn the controls as you play.

Jock MKT odds boost

Odds boosts are typical features wholly reserved for sportsbooks, and because Jock MKT is a DFS-type platform, it doesn’t have odds boosts. In the long run, though, Jock MKT bonuses may feature different types of promotions analogous to odds boosts, but not currently.

What’s not available at Jock MKT

Standard sports betting isn’t available at Jock MKT. You won’t be able to find your favorite team, place a moneyline bet and cross your fingers for a win.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then a sportsbook is what you need. Don’t be too disappointed that Jock MKT doesn’t offer sports betting: That’s not what it does. It’s a fantasy sports app.

What DFS contests can I play on Jock MKT?

Jock MKT is a relatively new platform. As such, you’d expect it to have a limited number of sports. Well, that was the case until recently, when it only had three: baseball, golf and football.

However, that has now changed, and fans of basketball, auto racing and hockey can all enjoy their sports, too. Currently, at Jock MKT there is NBA, NFL, NHL, PGA, MLB, and NASCAR. And we expect the roster of sorts to expand in the future.

How to deposit and cash out winnings

Funding your Jock MKT  account is straightforward. In fact, depositing and withdrawing are as simple as they would be for any DFS app. You initiate both through the cashier’s page in the app. There are no withdrawal or deposit fees. You should expect to find banking methods like Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.

New players should be aware that all Jock MKT withdrawals require manual approval. This means the anti-fraud team must ensure the withdrawal is a legitimate request, which can take a reasonable amount of time. Once the withdrawal receives approval, all future withdrawals will be automated.

How to contact Jock MKT customer support

Jock MKT is in many ways a good app and a good platform, and we certainly think DFS fans will enjoy it. But its customer support features have left us wanting.

At the time of writing, we were only able to get a support email. There’s no live chat, phone number or suggestion that its social channels are open, either. Other than that, there’s a scarcely populated FAQ section that offers little in the way of illuminating answers.