Jake Paul Satisfies Massachusetts Regulators During Betr Presentation

Written By Giovanni Shorter on January 11, 2023
Jake Paul Betr

During the Betr licensing presentation in Massachusetts, YouTube influencer turned celebrity boxer Jake Paul was questioned by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC). With Paul being the President of the micro-betting operator, the commission grilled him about the company, responsible gambling and his controversial past.

Paul seemingly satisfied regulators, as the MGC felt Betr met the criteria for a Massachusetts sportsbook license. The commission will have its official vote come January 18.

Jake Paul Grilled By MGC

Among the issues, the MGC raised during the meeting is Paul’s social media brand and presence. The commission argued that most of Paul’s fan base and supporters are under the age of 21 and were concerned with Betr marketing to underage bettors.

Paul’s career as a boxer is also something of a concern for the commission. The notion that Paul could potentially see odds for his match presented on Betr is a massive conflict of interest. Representatives from Betr ensured the commission against both of these concerns.

For the potential of underage bettors, Betr hosts a social media compliance team that monitors social media posts. This is monitored in real-time to ensure all media content and marketing are at the legal standard.

Paul himself specified that Betr would never host odds on any of his matches. Betr currently does not offer odds on boxing or MMA events at all. Should they do so in the future, the company will omit the odds on Paul’s fights to avoid conflict.

Paul’s Controversial Past Questioned

A major focus during the presentation was directed at controversies surrounding Paul throughout his career. The commission directly asked Paul about sexual assault accusations and lawsuits that he has been involved in.

Paul went on the explain that while he made mistakes while growing up, many of the stories surrounding him are false.

The social media giant explained that growing up in the public eye put a microscope on his entire life. Paul stated that while he did make mistakes growing up, many of the articles and stories that paint him in a negative light are not entirely accurate.

“The reality of my life as a young digital creator is different than the normal teenage experience,” said Paul. “The best way to sum it up is that everything is exponentially magnified. You live quite literally under a microscope. You certainly get more opportunities, but you are taken advantage of more often.”

Paul is also embroiled in lawsuits that he could not specifically address at the time as the cases were ongoing. The internet mogul did manage to put into perspective that his popularity online leads to a lot of negative press for the sake of clickbait.

“I’ve become accustomed to reading many false or exaggerated stories about my life,” said Paul to the commission. “With catchy headlines for clickbait and for monetary compensation for these brands. From what I understand there is over 229 million search results just in the past 12 months when you google my name. And of course, some of these are going to be negative articles.”

Paul’s explanation seems to have been what the commission wanted to hear, as Betr is poised now to potentially gain a license once the commission officially votes.

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