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Iowans, welcome! Iowa is now a full-fledged sports betting state. There are both mobile and land-based options blooming all over the Hawkeye State.

The boom of sports betting in Iowa is quite impressive for its relative speed. After all, sports betting only launched in the state in August 2019. And the launch came just three months after Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed bill SF617 into law.

This page looks at the best sportsbooks in Iowa, how to claim bonus offers, how to fund your account, and which apps are next to launch. Read on for all the latest news and updates.

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The drive for state-regulated sports betting came from a US Supreme Court decision in May 2018. After a court case brought by New Jersey, the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992.

The act created what was effectively a federal ban on sports betting. The Supreme Court ruled that this contravened states’ rights under the Tenth Amendment. Now Iowa is reaping the benefit of the return of powers to state government and sports betting is making great progress.

Eighteen casinos now have a sportsbook, alongside 11 sportsbook apps. In its first 17 days of legal betting in August 2019, Iowa reported $8.5 million of bets producing revenues of $2.2 million and state gambling taxes of $146k. In 2020, the same full month of legal betting reported more than $50 million in handle with revenues of more than $3 million. These numbers are expected to increase.

Before legalization, most of this money would have flowed offshore to black market operators where Iowa customers had no legal protection. For a comprehensive guide to the who, what, where and when of Iowa sports betting, read on!

How old do you have to be to bet in Iowa?

The minimum legal age for gambling in Iowa is 21.

What sports can I bet on in Iowa?

The typical range of sports betting options offered by both casinos and online operators includes:

  • Auto Racing: NASCAR (including Monster Energy Series, Xfinity Series Truck Series); Formula One; IndyCar
  • Baseball: MLB and MLB Draft; NCAA – Division 1; Minor League Baseball – Triple A
  • Basketball: NBA and NBA Draft; WNBA and WNBA Draft; NCAA – Division 1; Euro League and Euro Cup; International Basketball Federation (country v. country qualifiers/games/tournaments)
  • Bowling: Pro Bowling Tour
  • Boxing: International Boxing Federation; WBA; WBC; WBO; Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports
  • Cricket: Men’s and Women’s World Cup; International Cricket Council
  • Darts: PDC
  • Football: NFL and NFL Draft; NCAA – Division I; Canadian Football League; Arena Football League
  • Golf: PGA; PGA Tour Champions; LPGA; Champion’s Tour; European Tour; Senior European Tour; International Events (i.e. Ryders Cup, Presidents Cup);  World Golf Championships; Koran Ferry Tour
  • Hockey: National Hockey League and National Hockey League Draft; NCAA – Division 1; International Ice Hockey Federation; World Championships
  • Lacrosse: NCAA – Division 1
  • Mixed Martial Arts: Ultimate Fighting Championship; Bellator MMA; One Championship; Professional Fighters League; Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports
  • Olympics: Summer and Winter (including trials)
  • Rugby: Six Nations; World Cup; World Rugby (International country v. country qualifiers/games/tournaments); Four Nations
  • Sailing: Americas Cup; International Sailing Federation
  • Soccer: FIFA Sanctioned Events; Major League Soccer; UEFA – Champions League, EUROPA and Super Cup; English Premier League; Spanish La Liga; German Bundesliga; Italian Serie A; French Ligue 1; Mexican Liga Bancomer; NCAA – Division 1
  • Softball: NCAA – Division 1
  • Tennis: United States Tennis Association; Association of Tennis Professionals; Women’s Tennis Association; International Tennis Federation; NCAA – Division 1
  • Track and Field: International Association

As mentioned above, the big exception under Iowa law is prop bets on in-state college sports.

What types of sports bets does Iowa offer?

Not only do modern sports books allow you to bet on an enormous range of sports, they also allow a lot of different bet types. Some of the most common are:

Moneyline bets

Moneyline bets are the easiest of all—which team will win a specific game. The Moneyline simply presents the odds of a team winning outright.

The odds are expressed as a positive or negative number e.g. -150 or +140. The plus and minus signs are important!

Odds expressed as -150 mean you have to bet $150 to win $100. If your winnings are less than the bet amount it means you’re betting on the favorite. Odds of +140 mean you win $140 for every $100 you bet. You are betting on the underdog.

An easy way to remember is “minus means less money plus means more money.”

Moneyline odds are used for a lot of the different bet types.

Parlay bets

A parlay links two or more wagers into a single bet. The upside is that the bettor can win more money than betting on each game independently. The downside is that you have to win all the bets in the parlay or you walk away with nothing.

Parlays with several legs (each bet in the parlay is often called a leg) are extremely hard to win. On the other hand they offer the chance to win life-changing money for only a small initial stake.

Spread bets

Spread bets are the most popular form of sports betting in the US. To win you have to beat the spread which is a line set by the bookmaker. The point spread represents the difference between the winning and losing team’s scores.

These bets work well in games where many points are scored by both teams, but suit games like soccer less well.

The odds are always set slightly in the bookmaker’s favor and are typically offered at 11-10 odds. In other words you have to bet $11 to win $10.

Futures bets

Like all bets these are bets placed on an event in the future, but in this case, not the near future. In a futures bet you don’t bet on a match taking place tomorrow. Futures bets are placed on events well into the future, but normally within the same sports season.

If the NFL season begins in September and you place a bet on who will win the Super Bowl at the end of the season, then you have made a futures bet.

Totals bets

Totals bets are made on the score of both teams added together. You can bet on the “over” or the “under.”

There are variations, but the basic Totals bet is on the final score of the game. If you bet the over and the score is higher than the quoted number you win. If you bet the under and the score is lower you win.

For example in the recent match between the Dodgers and the Padres, the Totals bet was quoted as:

  • LA Dodgers O 10.5 +100
  • SD Padres U 10.5 -130

The odds aren’t exactly the same for the over and the under. The difference represents the price of the bet, and ensures the sportsbook makes a margin.

Teaser bets

Teaser bets are points spread bets where the spread is adjusted by points in the player’s favor on more than one game. They are normally offered only on football and basketball games.

In football, a player may move the published point spread 6.5, 7, 10 or 14 points. In basketball, the options are 4, 5, or 6-points.

The bet is like a parlay because you are adding several wagers into one bet. In moving the point spread that applies to the bet you make the individual legs easier to win. Naturally the odds the sportsbook offers change depending on how far you shift the spread.

Calculating all this is easy when you place your bets online. Before you finally commit to making your bet, you can experiment with different options to get the payout you are looking for given how much you want to bet.

Round Robin bets

Round Robin bets allow you to lay several parlay bets at the same time in a single wager.

To create the bet you make a list of the teams you want in your parlays and the number you want in each parlay. E.g. you might choose to add 8 teams to your list with each parlay consisting of three legs. The round robin then creates a list of all the combinations of parlays for those three teams.

Unlike a standard parlay, you don’t have to win every wager in the bet to win. In a round robin you must win every leg of a parlay, then parlays you have won are added together to create your payout.

Calculating payouts is tricky if you try to do it by hand! The eight team three leg parlay above produces 56 different parlay bets. You must wager the same amount on each bet, so wagering $2 on each would produce a round robin with a total cost of $112.

The odds are different for each parlay, so in each case your $2 wager will produce a different amount if you win.

Fortunately, online mobile sports betting apps do all the work for you.

Live Betting

A lot of Iowans have accounts at offshore online sports betting sites. Not only is it illegal for these to offer sports betting, their product is far inferior to the legal operators. One of the biggest differences is in-game or live betting.

In-game betting refers to bets made after a match has started. Most of the normal bets remain available because modern legal sports betting operators have access to near real time data feeds. This means they can adjust their odds as play progresses, second by second.

Offshore operators do not get access to these data feeds, so they can’t offer anything near the range of opportunities the legal market puts on the table.

Live betting is one of the main reasons to switch from your offshore account to the legal operators in Iowa. Of course, you also get legal recourse in case something goes wrong, and you know your deposits are safe.

In mature sports betting markets like the UK, around 80% of all sports betting is now in-game betting. It’s extremely popular because it adds so much fun to watching a game—especially if you have friends around.

In-game bets can be as simple as who will score the next touch down, or what the score will be at the end of the next quarter. But many more betting options are available. When you get your first account set up, give it a try!

How do I start online sports betting in Iowa?

For 18 months, Iowans had to register in-person to open an online account. Up until January 2021, this meant going to a local casino. After January 2021, the process got a lot easier. No longer will you have to take a drive to get started sports betting.

First, check the reviews of Iowa online sportsbooks at TheLines and decide which best suits your needs. New player offers and bonuses change so make sure you get the best offer by using the sign-up link on the review page.

Second, you will need to download the app if you want to bet using your mobile. If you only use your computer, then downloads are not normally necessary, but it depends on the site.

On the sign-up page enter your personal details, then choose your screen name and password.

Before you can begin betting you will need to make a deposit. Again this is one advantage of using legal sportsbooks instead of offshore sites. Deposits are easy and there are many payment methods accepted.

If you have a sports betting account in another state where it is legal, you cannot use that account in Iowa. You will need to open a new account for your Iowa betting.

How do I deposit cash at an Iowa online sports betting site?

The deposit methods in available in Iowa will include:

  • In person at the cashier’s cage of the casino offering the online app.
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Online bank transfer
  • Casino prepaid cards
  • PayPal
  • ACH eCheck
  • PayNearMe

Withdrawing your winnings is just as easy. Not all deposit methods allow withdrawals, e.g. PayNearMe, but most will be available.

A major advantage of the legal state-regulated sports betting market is that it is easy and fast to get your cash back. The offshore unregulated market takes much longer since US banks are not allowed to process their transactions. Another important reason to switch to the state-regulated Iowa sportsbooks.

Iowa’s sports betting law

Iowa’s legislators have passed a law which sets the state up to get the maximum benefit from legal sports betting—with a couple of minor exceptions.

The SF617 law consists of a series of amendments to the existing Gambling Games Regulation. The main points of the law are:

  • The regulator is the existing IRGC
  • Gambling taxes levied on the operator’s revenues are 6.75%. This matches the rate for Nevada sports betting.
  • License fees are low compared to other states at $45,000 with a $10,000 renewal fee
  • Sports betting licenses are restricted to IRGC licensed casinos
  • Mobile sports betting is allowed
  • Up to two brands (skins) are permitted for each licensee (In March 2021, the law was changed to three skins apiece.)
  • Until Jan 1, 2021, bettors who want to register for mobile sports betting must open their accounts in person at a casino
  • No in-game prop bets are allowed on in-state college teams. Betting on other college games is allowed.

Iowa’s new law got a vote of support from the American Gaming Association (AGA):

 “The state of Iowa has set its legal sports betting market up for success with a reasonable tax rate, mobile wagering, strong consumer protections and provisions that put responsible gaming at the forefront. Through the leadership of champions like Iowa Gaming Association President and CEO Wes Ehrecke, Iowans will now have a safe alternative to the illegal market that has thrived in the Hawkeye State and across the country.”

Weaknesses will limit the success of the new law

Iowa has only authorized online sports betting. It has not legalized other online casino games such as slots, roulette or poker. New Jersey sportsbooks and Pennsylvania sportbooks both allow a wide variety of games and this makes a big difference. The research shows that restricting access to a wide range of online gambling reduces the rate at which people switch from the black market operators to the legal market.

Put this together with the delay to opening accounts online, and the expected profits for casinos and gambling taxes will be lower than otherwise. More importantly, it will still leave some Iowans at the mercy of offshore illegal operators where they have no legal protection. Assuming sports betting goes well, Iowa legislators will have an incentive to add other online gambling games in the future.

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission licenses 19 casinos in Iowa. By the end of August 2019, 13 casinos managed to get sports betting launched. There are now 18 casino sportsbooks available throughout the state. The only casino which has not applied for a license is the Casino Queen Marquette. It has an application in preparation. Meanwhile, each casino is allowed three online skins, but not all those partnerships are finalized. Some brands are not yet live in the state (marked in bold).

CasinoLocationRetail SportsbookOnline Partner #1Online Partner #2Online Partner #3
Ameristar Casino HotelCouncil BluffsSportsbook at AmeristartheScore BetBarstool--
Casino QueenMarquetteNoneVigtory----
Catfish Bend Casino (Caesars)BurlingtonPointsBet SportsbookPointsBet888 Sports--
Diamond Jo CasinoDubuqueFanDuel SportsbookFanDuel Sportsbook IowaBetway--
Diamond Jo Worth CasinoNorthwoodFanDuel SportsbookBetMGM Sportsbook Iowa----
Grand Falls Casino & Golf ResortLarchwoodBetfred SportsBetfred Sports IowaBally's--
Hard Rock CasinoSioux CityHard Rock SportsbookHard Rock----
Harrah's CasinoCouncil BluffsCaesars Sports kiosksCaesarsUnibet Sportsbook Iowa--
Horseshoe CasinoCouncil BluffsCaesars SportsbookCaesarsPlayUp--
Isle Casino HotelBettendorfCaesars SportsbookCaesars----
Isle Casino & HotelWaterlooCaesars SportsbookCaesarsFox Bet--
Lakeside Hotel & CasinoOsceolaCaesars SportsbookCaesars----
Prairie Meadows Racetrack & CasinoAltoonaCaesars SportsbookCaesars----
Q CasinoDubuqueQ SportsbookQ SportsbookUSBookmaking--
Rhythm City Casino ResortDavenportElite SportsbookEliteRushmoreBettHouse
Riverside Casino & Golf ResortRiversideElite SportsbookEliteWynnBet--
Wild Rose Casino & ResortClintonDraftKings SportsbookDraftKings Sportsbook IowaBetRivers Sportsbook Iowa--
Wild Rose Casino & ResortEmmetsburgDraftKings SportsbookDraftKingsCirca Sports--
Wild Rose Casino & ResortJeffersonDraftKings SportsbookDraftKingsBetRivers--

Top international sports betting brands come to Iowa

Four of the sportsbooks are operated by Caesars Sportsbook: Prairie Meadows Racetrack & Casino, Lakeside Hotel & Casino, Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf, and Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo. The mobile app also launched in August 2019, albeit as William Hill.

Elite Casino Resorts, which owns the Rhythm City Casino Resort, has struck a deal with UK company BetFred to provide live and mobile sports betting. This is BetFred’s first venture into the US market. Since each casino is allowed to launch three brands, you can expect the market to become even more competitive. There could be a total of 57 brands offering online sports betting in Iowa.

Other top US and international brands that could launch in Iowa include:

Will I be able to play online poker and online casino games in Iowa?

No, only online sports betting is legal under the new laws. If you find yourself at a site that offers online casino games or poker, you have strayed onto a black market site or a site where you are not allowed to register from Iowa—best to leave. Use the links on TheLines review pages to make sure you are going to the official sports betting sites in Iowa.


Is sports betting legal in Iowa?

Yes. The legislature passed a bill legalizing sports betting with bipartisan support in April 2019. Gov. Kim Reynolds signed it in May.

Can I bet sports online on my phone in Iowa?

Yes, you can use your mobile phone to make online sports bets in Iowa.

Is any other gambling legal in Iowa?

Iowa has a state lottery with in-person sales, although a proposal for online sales is reportedly in preparation. The Hawkeye State also has both tribal and riverboat casinos, as well as casino games at licensed racetracks. Live poker is available at tribal and riverboat casinos, as well as racinos. Pari-mutual betting on horse races is available both in person and online as well.

Is Bovada legal in Iowa?

Bovada, like MyBookie, is an unregulated, offshore sportsbook. As such, it is not legal in Iowa or anywhere in the continental United States.
By betting with offshore sites you are putting your money at risk of being locked or stolen as it is not being protected by US law.

Which states have legal sports betting near Iowa?

Technically, there are two states near Iowa with legal betting options, though one has not yet launched. South Dakota passed a law legalizing sports betting in 2021 but only in the city of Deadwood. Illinois, on the other hand, offers retail betting and online betting as of 2020.


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