‘Inside Injuries’ Makes Good Business On Athletes’ Pain And Suffering

Written By Chops on August 10, 2018
Inside Injuries

The “how are we going to make money off of sports betting” industry is as bullish as ICOs were in 2017.

TheLines has explored many technologies looking to capitalize on the inevitable U.S. sports betting boom.

Now one U.S. company having some success is looking to bring their technology to Europe. With Inside Injuries, athletes’ pain is their gain.

Injury reports a staple for bettors…

There’s a reason the NFL requires teams to supply injury reports: it’s always been a wink-wink nod to bookmakers and bettors.

Inside Injuries takes the reporting mechanism and puts an analytic spin on it, spitting out data from a proprietary algorithm detailing the overall impact an injury can have on a player and/or team.

The company already provides player injury data and reports for all players in the MLB, NBA, and NFL.

What they’re not currently covering is the most popular and globally bet game in the world: soccer. According to SportTechie, that across-the-pond hop is coming, and it’s driven by sportsbooks.

And now bookies want an edge

A service that is beneficial to bettors would obviously help bookmakers too. According to the article:

Bookmakers are also scooping up as much data as possible to gain an edge over their competitors when setting lines.”

While not mentioned in the article, the ability to forecast individual injury impact on teams can particularly give punters and bookmakers a leg up on in the futures market.

For example, Inside Injuries pushed notifications to their subscribers over a recent Aaron Judge wrist chip fracture. They followed up with data that said, “Our analytics show that he should miss a lot more time (7 weeks),” the report said. “When he is cleared to return, his power won’t be the same.”

Now, while that data couldn’t have foretold the utter shellacking the Yanks received from the Red Sox this past week, it certainly could impact their divisional and World Series future odds.

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