Play’s Free Final Four Contest For $100 In Prizes

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Written By Mo Nuwwarah | Last Updated
free college basketball march madness game is hosting a free March Madness pick’em game for the Final Four and NCAA Championship. Users can compete for their share of $100 in prizes by picking winners for each Final Four game plus Monday’s season finale. Read on to learn more about this free-to-play game, which involves picking March Madness odds, including player props.

Sign up now using the button below and make your picks.

How To Play The Big Hoops Championship March Madness Game

Follow the link above to sign up for the game.

Then, it’s time to make your picks. The game starts with NC State vs. Purdue. Contestants will pick major markets, including the moneyline and over/under. Then, it’s time to choose player props and game props as well. Each Final Four game will offer six selections.

Scoring is based on “odds-weighted points.” That means selecting upsets earns you more points. For example, selecting NC State correctly is worth 345 points. Correctly pick Purdue, on the other hand, and you’d earn 21.1 points.

Keep in mind that it’s probably going to take a pretty high score to win the contest. Only the winner earns a prize: a $100 Amazon gift card. Therefore, it can behoove you to play aggressively where you see fit.

If there’s a tie, the winner will be determined by whoever scores highest on the tiebreaker question: how many total 3s will UConn and Alabama make?

After the Final Four, you’ll have a chance to re-evaluate where you stand before Monday’s championship. The next round of picks will populate sometime before Monday’s tipoff, and you’ll need to enter a new round of picks prior to that game. So, don’t just set it and forget it after Saturday. It would be a shame to waste a strong Saturday performance by forgetting the final round of picks.

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March Madness Picks and Analytics

Need help with the analytics for your picks? Our friends at PoolGenius have you covered. Click the school’s logo below to select the teams you want to see matchup metrics for. These analytics can help you make the best choices for a chance at the prize pool in your March Madness game of choice.


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