First Super Bowl Bet Ever Made From Space Shoots For The Stars

Written By Brett Gibbons on September 17, 2021

A short time ago in a galaxy nearby, sports betting history was made. The first sports bets from space. Sort of.

Still not legal in all 50 states, BetMGM is still finding new frontiers for their reach. On September 16, Jared Isaacman– billionaire, CEO, and, most notably, amateur astronaut– placed two bets via a proxy bettor from outer space. According to BetMGM, they’re the first sports bets ever wagered from outer space.

Okay, so Isaacman didn’t really place the bets himself while orbiting around the Earth. Las Vegas won’t even make an exception for mobile deposits from outside the stratosphere. Geolocation comes for us all, even if you aren’t located on the geo.

Anyway, here are the bets did Isaacman radio down to the desert.

Other-worldly bet on Eagles Super Bowl future

One of the bets made by Isaacman was a $4,000 wager on the Philadelphia Eagles to win Super Bowl LVI. Current futures odds list the Eagles at despite a hot Week 1 start.

Isaacman will have to wait until February 13, 2022 to see if his ticket cashes (or, at the earliest, the beginning of January to see it not cash). If it does, that $4,000 reaps $264,000 in winnings at the +6600 odds.

For those who remember, the Eagles were +4000 longshots for Super Bowl LII when they won it all there.

Space betting for a good cause

The bet wasn’t just a longshot made for fun and personal gain; Isaacman plans to donate all winnings made from space to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. BetMGM also donated $25,000 of their own to St. Jude’s.

His second bet made was over 41 points for the New York Giants vs. Washington Football Team Week 2 matchup. When Washington notched a 30-29 victory, Isaacman sent his $7,636.35 over to St. Jude’s.

So far, humanity is 1-0 while betting from space.

“On top of the excitement of bets being made from space, we’re even more thrilled to be able to contribute and raise awareness for a great cause in St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.” says Matt Prevost, Chief Revenue Officer at BetMGM, in a release.

The future of sports bets from space?

First, a quick backstory on who Jared Isaacman is and what he’s doing in space: He’s the Mission Commander of Inspiration4, the world’s first all-civilian spaceflight whose intent is to raise awareness for St. Jude’s alongside their space adventure. He’s also a billionaire and Founder/CEO of Shift4 Payments, a publicly-traded payment processing company.

Along with Isaacman are Hayley Arceneaux, a physician assistant at St. Jude’s (and also previous patient); Sian Proctor, a college professor and accomplished researcher; and Christopher Sembroski, a data engineer for Lockheed Martin. Essentially, only a minute group of groundbreakers are even making it to space.

For the foreseeable future, Isaacman will be the only sports space bettor. But his Philadelphia Super Bowl bet from space has now given new meaning to the team slogan Fly Eagles Fly.

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