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Disclaimer: Fanatics Sportsbook does not exist yet. This sports betting site review is speculative and will be updated once Fanatics launches in the US.

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As a retailer of sports memorabilia and sporting goods, Fanatics has developed a relationship with sports fans, and now it seems to be eyeing sports betting for its next venture.

Given how large Fanatics is, any move into the sports betting industry will likely be of significance. The company has the backing to be a player from day one, but it will need to get the necessary licenses in any states where it plans to operate. Fanatics can either attempt to do that by itself or partner with another company that already has the license.

If you’re looking for information on what a Fanatics sportsbook might look like, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for all the information about a potential move by Fanatics into the sports betting space.

Fanatics promo code for March 2023

Because the sportsbook is not yet live, we don’t know the exact details of any potential welcome bonuses at a Fanatics sportsbook. If there is a Fanatics bonus code, we will list it here.

Fanatics Sportsbook Bonus CodeComing Soon
Welcome BonusTBD
Launch DateUnknown
Last UpdatedMarch 2023

Terms and conditions apply to all offers. Please see Fanatics Sportsbook for details. 21+ Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER+

Fanatics sportsbook sign-up bonuses

As mentioned above, because the sportsbook is not live, it is impossible to tell what the exact sign-up bonus might be at Fanatics. However, we can get some ideas by looking at some of the standard options that other books offer.

There will almost definitely be some type of sign-up bonus. There are very few legal sportsbooks that do not have a sign-up bonus to help them compete for customers. There are two main formats for such sportsbook bonuses. The first is a protected bet welcome bonus. Essentially, if you lose your first bet, the sportsbook provides a refund in the same amount — up to a maximum — in the form of bonus bets. The maximum for such a bonus can be up to around $1,000, depending on the sportsbook.

The other common type of sign-up bonus is a deposit matching bonus. This means that the sportsbook will match your deposit at a set percentage and give you that extra money in bonus bets. This is another promotion that usually has a similar maximum value of around $1,000.

Loyalty rewards

While the sign-up bonus is an attractive offer for new users, there often will also be promotions and programs from current and returning users. A loyalty program is one way that sportsbooks may do this. Many legal sportsbooks have robust loyalty programs that allow bettors to accrue rewards when they wager. In general, the more wagers you place, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the higher tier you achieve, and then you gain access to better perks and rewards.

Because Fanatics already has the entire sports merchandise side of the company, there is potential that it could add that into the loyalty program. That would make for some interesting rewards for bettors who use the sportsbook.

Will a Fanatics Sportsbook be legal and safe?

Yes, Fanatics will be a legal and trustworthy place to wager. The overturning of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018 has allowed states to legalize sports betting if they wish. This has resulted in lots of legal and safe areas for sports betting across the nation.

Each state has its own specific rules and regulations. Companies that wish to operate a sportsbook within that state must abide by the rules and regulations in order to obtain a license. Without a license, companies cannot legally operate a sportsbook.

Fanatics will need to go through the process to obtain the necessary licenses in any state where it wishes to have a sportsbook. Also, Fanatics may attempt to partner with a company that already has a license to make this process easier.

An advantage of legal sports betting is that it provides a lot more protection for customers. This means that you can feel safe when using a legal sportsbook. There is no chance of the sportsbook disappearing tomorrow and running off with your money, as there could be with an illegal operation. Legal sportsbooks also must meet standards for safety and security.

Creating a new Fantatics sports betting account

If Fanatics does decide to make a move into legal sports betting, creating an account at its sportsbook will be an easy process. All legal sportsbooks have similar registration processes that make creating a new account easy. You should be able to sign up for an account in minutes and be placing bets not long after.

To start the sign-up process at a potential Fanatics sportsbook, you’ll head to the site and click the account creation button. You’ll then need to fill in the registration form with all the relevant details.

Some of the information that you will need to provide to create your account includes details about your identity, details about the account that you’re creating, and details about your location and age. You may be asked to confirm some of the information by providing official documents such as a driver’s license or a bank statement.

How might a Fanatics sportsbook benefit experienced bettors?

If you’re an experienced sports bettor, you may be wondering what a Fanatics sportsbook app could offer. To start with, it’s never a bad idea to sign up with as many sportsbooks as possible to take advantage of promotions and compare lines.

However, some bettors may not want to go through the effort of signing up for a sportsbook that they will rarely use and want to know about any distinct features that might help a Fanatics sportsbook stand out from the competition. That is a difficult thing to discern at the moment as Fanatics does not yet offer a sportsbook.

For the most part, sports betting veterans are not going to be moved by huge promotions with massive playthrough requirements. Instead, something like a strong loyalty program that gives bettors the chance to access exclusive memorabilia or sports experiences might be a draw for the Fanatics sportsbook.

In addition, because of the company’s financial backing, it would still likely be able to offer strong Fanatics Sportsbook promotions. Again, we will have to wait and see what happens.

Fanatics odds boosts

Odds boosts increase your potential returns on winning bets. The sportsbook will pick a selection and move the odds in your favor. For example, a bet that normally has odds of +150 might move to +175. Sportsbooks tend to advertise such boosts heavily, and bettors will have the ability to place the bet if they so wish.

This can be good for bettors, as it offers a chance to place a bet with less of a house edge. This is also good for the sportsbooks because they can choose which bets to apply this promotion to and how much to boost the odds. This level of control means that they can keep their liability low. This is part of the reason why you see this promotion so much.

Keep in mind that this promotion often has a relatively small bet limit to prevent bettors from exploiting it. Also remember that the boost does nothing for you if your bet doesn’t win, so it’s generally only something you’d want to consider for a bet you’d place anyway.

Fanatics sportsbook pricing

One of the most important, if not the most important, aspects of any sportsbook is the live sports odds. Sportsbooks that cater to more casual bettors may have bad pricing as they know that your weekend warrior isn’t going to make a big deal about a slight difference in the line.

However, experienced bettors are usually extremely concerned about the betting lines. A difference of just a few points can mean the difference between being a profitable sports bettor or not. Over the long run, those small differences in lines can add up and can be the reason why someone would pick one sportsbook over another.

Since Fanatics has never offered a bet, it’s impossible to tell what the pricing will be like. However, it will be something that everyone will be watching keenly if the company does launch a sportsbook.

What’s not available at Fanatics Sportsbook?

There are certain limitations that sportsbooks need to follow, depending on the state where they operate. One thing that may come up at a potential Fanatics sportsbook, for instance, is limits on college betting.

Some states do not permit wagers on in-state college teams or on college games taking place in that state, for example. You may also come across bans on certain types of bets, such as prop bets on individual college athletes. Any such restrictions that a state has will apply to all sportsbooks that operate there, including Fanatics if that becomes relevant.

Since Fanatics will likely push to be available in multiple states, it’s hard to come up with a blanket rule that applies everywhere. If the company launches a sportsbook, you should check the rules for your particular state for potential prohibitions.

Fanatics sports betting options

Any sportsbook that Fanatics attaches its name to will likely have plenty of options in terms of sports you can bet on and types of bets you can place to ensure a solid betting experience. Every legal sportsbook offers the major professional sports leagues, but it’s the smaller, more niche leagues that make the difference. We’ll have to wait to see what Fanatics offers there.

As far as bets you’ll be able to place, all sportsbooks offer the standards like moneylines, point spreads, and totals, as well as other options like parlays, round robins, futures, and many others.

These bets all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some will be riskier than others. Make sure that you are familiar with all the options that a potential Fanatics online sportsbook might offer.

How to deposit and cash out winnings

When you’re betting online, the process of moving money in and out of your account is crucial. A bad banking system is a death sentence for any sportsbook as it results in lots of customer frustration.

Some of the banking methods that Fanatics will most likely support for depositing and withdrawing money include online bank transfers, wire transfers, credit/debit cards, and online wallets. Apple Pay may also be an option.

Most deposit methods will apply the money to your account right away. When it comes to withdrawals, the waiting time may vary depending on the method you use. Online wallets like PayPal tend to be among the quicker options.

How to contact Fanatics customer support

If you have a problem with a sportsbook, then you’re going to want to contact customer support. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for customer support to get back to you about an issue that you’re struggling to solve.

We don’t know what Fanatics will do in terms of customer service, but the best sportsbooks offer a multi-layered approach. This means that there are different levels of customer support depending on how severe your issue is and how quickly you need a solution.

Some of the most common and fan-favorite methods include online live chat and email support. Live chats are generally very useful for quick responses to smaller questions. For more personal help, using email or the phone may get you more in-depth answers. Online sportsbooks also often offer an FAQ where you can look for answers to common queries on your own.