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Written By Giovanni Shorter on May 1, 2023
Fanatics Sportsbook Kevin Hennessy

Fanatics Sportsbook is now live in Ohio and Tennessee for Fanatics customers. This is an expanded beta testing phase that will see more players in these markets access the full Fanatics mobile app. We spoke with Kevin Hennessy, Vice President of Communications for Fanatics Betting & Gaming about the launch. Here, we will take a deeper look at the current launch and future of Fanatics.

Breakdown On The Fanatics Launch

The May 1 launch in Ohio and Tennessee is still not a full launch as it will only be accessible to already existing customers. While Fanatics was in Beta testing for two months prior to this launch, the company is continuing to take its time with the full rollout.

Existing customers will be able to access the sportsbook via entry codes. Players will need these codes in order to wager at the sportsbook. The mobile betting app can be downloaded and accessed once customers have said code.

“It’s basically only open to Fanatics customers at this point,” said Kevin Hennessy. “So in essence, there will be different ways that we communicate to Fanatics customers, and they’ll receive a code to get in….If you’re in Ohio or Tennessee today, if you actually downloaded the app, you would need a code in order to access it.”

To receive the code, players must be preexisting Fanatics customers and the company will reach out with the code. Fans can expect to receive access codes within the month.

“The idea is that if you are a Fanatics customer, at some point in the month you will receive a code,” said Hennessy.

Fanatics Launch Different From Other Sportsbooks

The Fanatics Sportsbook launch stands out compared to how the industry usually handles public launches. Sportsbooks tend to be accessible by all players when they enter a new market. This strategy by Fanatics is another example of the company separating itself from other books.

“Usually when it’s a launch or a public launch…..they just do it their standard, what’s become the public standard for the industry and we’re just doing it differently,” continued Hennessy.

This launch is to be viewed more as an extended beta testing phase instead of a full launch. Customers will have access to the full Fanatics sports betting experience through this launch, but it is not open to all.

“We’re like extending the beta to include more Fanatics customers,” said Hennessy.

This is a strategy that will continue for other market launches as well. Fanatics is set to go live in Massachusetts this year. Fans in the Old Bay State can expect a similar launching experience as Ohio and Tennessee.

“That’ll be the same probably for Massachusetts and for us throughout the summer,” Hennessy said.

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