Fanatics Sportsbook To Launch In Ohio And Tennessee Next Week

Written By Giovanni Shorter on April 27, 2023 - Last Updated on April 28, 2023
Fanatics Sportsbook Launch Set

Fanatics Sportsbook is finally expected to go fully live with its mobile app beginning next week Monday. The sports merchandising giant has already beta tested its product in the two markets where it will launch: Ohio and Tennessee. Currently, only one retail location in Maryland is live for Fanatics Sportsbook. This will be the true grand opening of the Fanatics betting product.

Editor’s note: Fanatic is characterizing the launch as “extended beta testing” and users who have not participated in the testing will need a special code to access the app.

Fanatics Launch Date Set

Fanatics Sports CEO Michael Rubin sat down with the Wall Street Journal where he broke the news. Rubin believes that their 95 million customer base will help them dominate in the industry over other sports betting giants.

“If you look outside of the U.S., all of these online sports betting iGaming companies they make a lot of money,” said Rubin. “I said look offline in the U.S., they make a lot of money. I said if you look at the online companies, I said they’re hemorrhaging cash. Why? Because the private equity firms and VC firms gave them free money.”

Rubin believes that the current landscape of the sports betting industry would be completely different if it started today. For this reason, he believes Fanatics Sports will be able to carve out a strong footprint compared to other operators.

“If this started right now, today, it would be a completely different environment,” continued Rubin.

Fanatics will also go live in Massachusetts at some point in 2023. The sportsbook received a sports betting license from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and was initially set to launch earlier in the year. Fanatics has yet to announce a launch date there.

What Can Fans Expect From The Launch?

Fans in Tennessee and Ohio will see the full sports betting experience on offer at Fanatics. The beta has been running for a few weeks in those markets and locals have begun seeing how the Fanatics betting experience will be.

Fanatics’ mobile betting launch will see a potential major player in the sports betting industry. The confidence of Rubin and the strong market presence that the company is entering could potentially set them apart from the steep competition. Fans will soon be able to see just how Fanatics holds up in the competitive industry.

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